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In-depth analysis of women's clothing fabrics under the fashion appearance of the technical connotation

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1. Diacetate fiber -- NaiaTM

NaiaTM, a kind of acetate cellulose, belongs to the class of diacetate fiber and is manufactured by Eastman company in the United States. It has a biodegradable content of 59% and is biodegradable (it has obtained freshwater biodegradable certification). The third-party certified life cycle assessment results are in line with ISO 14044 standard.


Naia? After it is combined with 10D polyester filament, it is interwoven with mulberry silk to form crepe with slight texture feeling. The pigment is sprayed on the surface of the fabric in a digital way. Under specific temperature, humidity and time, the pigment is fully dyed into the fabric to form a fresh flower pattern.


2. Film covering PU&TPU

PU membranes, PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane, the Chinese called Polyurethane, Polyurethane for short. PU is polyurethane, PU film is PU film, is a non-toxic and harmless environmental protection material.

The abbreviation of TPU film, TPU is Thermoplastic polyurethanes, Thermoplastic polyurethane, TPU film for Thermoplastic polyurethane film, is also a kind of non-toxic harmless environmental protection material.


Through innovative finishing technology, the inner layer and outer layer of TPU have obvious tactile changes. The outer layer is soft and waterproof, and the inner layer is hot-pressed to form a hexagonal pattern with pinstripe texture, which makes the touch more dry, more scientific and fashionable.


PU raw materials are used to roll the film, and the unique laser printing process forms the unreal color pattern, such as scattered time and space, colorful neon in the city shuttle, revealing unruly personality.


3, gloss coating and paper sense finishing

PA coating, also known as AC adhesive coating, or acrylic coating, is used to prevent wool, solid color.

PU coating, namely polyurethane coating, can be divided into two types: water-based and solvent.

 After coating, the fabric feels plump and elastic.

PA white glue coating, that is, coating a layer of white acrylic resin on the surface of the fabric, can increase the covering rate of the cloth, impervious to color.

PU white adhesive coating, that is, a layer of white polyurethane resin is applied on the surface of the fabric. The function of PU white adhesive is basically the same as that of PA white adhesive. However, PU white adhesive coating makes the fabric feel fuller, more elastic and has better fastness.

PA silver glue coating, namely coating a layer of silver glue on the surface of the fabric, so that the fabric has the function of shading and radiation protection, generally used for curtains, tents, clothing.

PU silver-coated fabric has the same basic function as PA silver-coated fabric, but PU silver-coated fabric has better elasticity and fastness. For fabrics requiring high water pressure, PU silver coating is better than PA silver coating.

Pearl luster coating, through the surface of the fabric of pearl luster coating, can make it has a pearl luster, silver white and color. The coating can also be divided into PA pearl luster and PU pearl luster. The latter is more smooth and bright than the former, and has a better film sense, which is called "pearl skin film".

Silicone high elastic coating, also known as paper - sensitive coating. Used for thin cotton cloth, can make the fabric feel plump, with good resilience.

Skin film coating, through the fabric surface calendering and coating, the fabric surface can form a skin film, completely change the style of the fabric. The front of garment of surface of general skin film make it, have the style of leather garment. Can add a variety of colors in the coating to make a color film, very beautiful.


With the combination of high-f polyester and viscose, the two have different dyeing effects to form the appearance of flower clipping. The surface is treated with unreal color coating. The flower clipping effect overlaps with neon luster, which is both waterproof and functional.


20D fine denier polyamide fabric surface to do metal texture coating, coating no longer simply emphasize mirror luster, but increased the particle sense of metal, at the same time, the process of refinement makes the coating thin and breathable, except slightly paper crisp almost no difference with the uncoated fabric.


4, laser burn flowers

Also called laser carve patterns or designs on woodwork, is refers to when the laser beam to the surface of a dyed fabric, except a few light is reflected, the laser energy is absorbed by the fabric surface and quickly transformed into heat energy, make the fabric surface temperature has risen sharply in a very short time and achieve dye gasification temperature, instantaneous gasification dye because of the strength of the laser energy and fade two-tone pattern formation, so as to realize the effect of color printing. When the laser energy is high enough, the fabric fiber can be etched to achieve cutting and hollowing.


Double-layer denim fabric, the surface fabric is processed by laser flower burning and color extraction process to form the worn worn out effect of denim. The laser flower burning gives a sense of pattern layers, and the inner herrings are exposed at the broken holes. With the color extraction process, the surface fabric changes at a deep level.


5. Wool fleece

Wool fiber surface scaly, scales of the free end pointing in the direction of wool fiber tip, under the condition of damp and hot, wool fiber by wetting and expansion, scales open, exert a certain external force at this time of wool, wool fiber will have a mobile, because the scales on the surface of the directional movement of the friction effect, its direction must be pointing to the root. Get rid of the external force, due to the adjacent wool fiber scales mutual crisscross, makes the wool to stay in the new position, when once again by external role, and wool fiber to produce relative displacement, external force so repeatedly, make wool emerge slowly creep, so that the fiber entanglement, tips and will not clog the highlight on the surface, produce milling phenomenon.

(1) shrinkage can make the fabric texture close, length shortened, square meter weight and thickness increase, strength, elasticity and warmth enhancement.

(2) the surface of the wool sweater after the shrinkage shows a layer of wool, make the appearance beautiful, feel rich soft, soft color.


Wool and polyamide single-hole silk woven translucent lace effect, light shrinkage treatment makes the fabric full and velvet feeling, steam processing makes the fabric size stable, original geometric patterns intended to express the flow of water waves.


Special jacquard double-layer structure to form twill effect, after processing using the technology of shrinkage, increase the fabric compactness and fleece, feel soft and no itching.



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