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2075 Polyester Covered yarn

Minimum order quantity:1000kg
Delivery time:Subject to order
Supply capacity:8-10 tons per day
Port:Ningbo/ Shanghai
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Product Type:Spandex  Covered yarnPolyester Covered yarnSpandex(D) Polyester(D/F)
Place of Origin:China2030/14
Material:spandex and Nylon/Polyester2045/24
Brand Name:Leinuo2050/24
Yarn Type:Single Covered Yarn2075/36
Specification:2075 polyester yarn2075/72
Color:Raw White/Raw Black/According to customer needs3050/36
Certification:Oeko-Tex Standard 1003075/72

2075 Polyester yarn for sock/hosiery/panty-hose/seam less underwear/glove/knitted sweater fabric/sports wear/ According to customer needs

Grade:AA grade70100/144


spandex covered yarn(20D spandex + 75/36 polyester dty yarn): rewinding - rewinding truck -spandex -spandex band machine - Inspection - packing - coming out

production of SCY-01

Parameters and character

Spandex covered yarn


Spandex coated yarns are elastic yarns formed by wrapping spandex yarns with filament or staple yarns in spiral shape.

Classification of spandex covered yarns

First, according to the number of coating layers, it can be divided into single coated yarn and double coated yarn, in which polyamide and polyamide are mostly covered by single coated yarn.Two, according to different equipment can be divided into: mechanical covered yarn and air covered yarn two kinds.

Characteristics of spandex covered yarn

First, air coated yarn is the yarn that the outer fiber filament and spandex filament are drawn at the same time through a certain type of nozzle, and then the high compression air is sprayed regularly to form the rhythmic network points.The fabric feels soft and smooth;Two, the mechanical coated yarn is the outer fiber filament constantly rotating and winding on the core yarn spandex is drawn at a uniform speed, is twisted and has a twist, the fabric style is smooth and crisp is its main feature.Empty and machine-wrapped yarns have their advantages and disadvantages when they are woven in downstream mills.When warping empty bale on air jet loom, sizing is generally required, otherwise the fabric will be easy to bristle and break the thread, but the weft can be directly used.Considering the cost alone, the production capacity of empty bales is much higher than that of machine bales, making the price of machine bales lower, which is convenient to reduce the cost of downstream weaving mills.Although the core yarn of the bales is not exposed, it is not easy to cause quality problems in spinning and weaving except for the unevenness of twist, but the production is low, so the price of the bales is more than RMB5000/T higher than that of the same specification. The price of the fine denier coated yarn is even more than RMB10000/T higher than that of the same specification. Therefore, the cost of the bales is greatly increased.

2075 Raw white  Spandex covered polyester yarn for socks knitting

Our services
Over the years, polyester spandex covered yarn has been sold to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and other regions.



1.Q :What is your terms of delivery?

A :We accept FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.


2.Q :What is the DTY?

A :Draw Texturing Yarn is a finished Yarn that is continuously or simultaneously drawn on a twisting machine and deformed by a twisting machine.


3.Q :What does the unit "D" mean

A :D is an abbreviation of DENIER, a fineness expression of chemical fibers. It refers to the weight of 9000 meters of silk at a given moisture regain in grams.Eg :75D is thicker than 50D.



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