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Technology post | 99% of people are still doing electrospinning, they are already working on this...

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Electrospinning is a process in which the polymer solution is stretched and refined by high voltage electrostatics. In the 80 years since the advent and development of electrostatic spinning technology, the related technology and equipment have made great progress. Electrostatic spinning nanomaterials have been widely used in tissue engineering, drug loading, medical dressings and other fields. But ordinary electrostatic spinning method to construct network structure usually by one-dimensional nano fiber as a building unit assembled, but the building unit are widespread problem of poor continuity, lead to the aggregate material facing difficult to precise control structure, nanometer characteristics is difficult to keep inherent limitation, severe restrictions on materials improved application performance


In recent years, two-dimensional nanometer network structural materials can make up for the defects of one-dimensional nanometer network structural materials, the defects of materials and the functionality of reinforcement materials, and have a broad application prospect in the fields of environmental protection, electronic devices and biological engineering. In view of this phenomenon, the nanofiber research team led by professor ding bin and academician yu jianyong of the school of textile and textile of donghua university has made important progress in the field of polymer material forming and processing.


Ontology research team by optimizing solution features, control the Taylor cone tip charged fluid injection mode, the suspending in high voltage electric field distribution of charged droplet clusters, the coupling induced by regulating the collector micro electric field distribution, implements the charged droplet deformation/change/precise control of self-assembly, the fiber diameter of 10 ~ 40 nm two-dimensional nano network structure (web), and the successful implementation of the variety of web preparation of raw materials of effective development, at present has been successfully prepared from PVDF, PAN, Carbon, such as a variety of organic/inorganic nanometer cobweb TiO2 materials.


Two-dimensional nano network structure not only gives the aperture (200 ~ 300 nm), large specific surface area (30 ~ 70 m2g - 1), nano properties such as high porosity (99.25%), and significantly enhanced wettability of the choice of materials, mechanical properties and pervious to light performance, the spider web material in air filtration, liquid separation, biological protection, and other fields have showed excellent potential applications. Among them, ultra-thin PVDF nanometer spider web material with high light transmittance (transparent >95%) can effectively filter ultra-fine PM 0.3 in the air with a filtration efficiency of 99.86%. Compared with conventional liquid filtration materials, PAN nanometer spider web materials have an order of magnitude higher osmotic flux with the same filtration efficiency (99.92%) due to its super hydrophilic and fast permeability. In addition, carbon based and TiO2 based nano spider web materials obtained after carbonization or calcination also show excellent electrical conductivity and biological protection characteristics, respectively.



Performance display of various nano spider web materials

This work not only proposed a new type of electrofluid dynamic machining technology, and prepared two-dimensional nano-network structure materials with high performance and multifunction, but also provided guidance and reference for the design and development of the next generation of cutting-edge nano-fiber materials. Research on Direct Electronetting of High - Performance Membranes -based on the Self - Assembled 2 d Nanoarchitectured Networks issues published in Nature Communications.

(source: textile guide official micro)

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