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Domestic polyester industrial yarn development status quo

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Domestic polyester industrial yarn production capacity

After years of rapid expansion of production capacity, the polyester industrial silk industry has entered a period of stable development, and the expansion of enterprise production returns to rationality.By the end of 2016, China's polyester Industrial yarn production capacity is about 2 million tons/year, with a large output of about 16 million tons/year, accounting for about 67% of the global polyester industrial yarn production capacity. The export is about 4 million tons/year, and the annual operating rate is about 80%.Mainly benefited from the expansion of polyester industrial yarn application field and the recovery of overseas markets.In 2016, the total production capacity of the above four companies is about 120 million tons/year, accounting for about 60% of the total domestic production capacity, with a strong market influence.In general, regional concentration of industrial silk market is obvious. The production capacity of Guxian, Hailide and Youfu in Zhejiang Province and Hengli in Jiangsu Province accounts for the vast majority of the production capacity of China's polyester industrial silk.In 2016, the new capacity of domestic polyester industrial silk was relatively small. Only Huaya in Jiangsu Province put into production a 40,000 tons/year industrial silk slice-spinning device in the first quarter of this year.Influenced by market demand, G20 Summit and other factors, the growth rate of both the capacity and output of polyester industrial silk industry in China slowed down significantly in 2016. Compared with 2015, the annual capacity and output of polyester industrial silk industry in 2016 increased by only 1.8% and 1.2% respectively.

Analysis of import and export situation of domestic polyester industrial yarn

With the improvement of production technology of domestic industrial silk mills, the import volume of industrial silk in China is decreasing gradually.However, Marine polyester industrial silk belongs to high-end differentiated polyester industrial silk products with special purposes. It is mainly produced into cables and other products, and is widely used in Marine fields such as navigation, fishery and drilling platform.However, due to its special application field, it has high requirements for special functions such as seawater corrosion resistance and ultraviolet radiation rejection of industrial silk. Its core production technology is still in the hands of large multinational enterprises such as Performance Fibers and Korea Xiaoxing, which makes the middle and high-end product market of polyester industrial silk industry still have certain technical barriers.China still needs to import 426,000 tons of domestic polyester industrial silk from foreign markets every year in 2016, with an increase of 11.96% and significantly higher than the 5.3% increase in 2015. It shows that foreign economic recovery is obvious, which promotes the production rate and export volume of domestic industrial silk mills to a certain extent.In 2016, the apparent demand for domestic polyester industrial yarn was 1.225,500 tons, down by 0.2% compared with 2015, indicating that with the rapid development of domestic polyester industrial yarn market in recent years, the supply and demand of the existing market tends to balance, and the overall production capacity of polyester industrial yarn will enter a state of slight growth in the future.

Domestic polyester industrial filament slice market status quo

Domestic polyester feeding industrial silk to chip spinning (solid phase viscosity increasing technology) production process, equipment is mainly introduced from foreign or Sino-foreign cooperation, the production technology level is not different.Most of them adopt the technology of international advanced manufacturers such as Bag, TMT, Toray, etc., mainly using the chip spinning production equipment, and a small amount of melt direct spinning (liquid phase viscosifying) technology. At present, only two leading enterprises in the industry, Gu Chuandao and Youfu Co., Ltd. have mastered this technology.Wire in domestic industrial production capacity in 2016 2 0 00000 tons of left, right, get rid of the ancient towpaths kovalyov and melt direct spinning industrial filament, slice spinning industrial silk production in 1 0 40000 tons, most of the manufacturers As a constant force, kaiping, suzhou new dongya adopt produced industrial wire cut piece, hayley ordinary industrial wire also USES its slice,At present, the domestic market demand for industrial silk polyester slice is about 400 thousand tons, the main manufacturers are Yizheng Chemical Fiber, Jiangsu Hengli and Shanghai Petrochemical, Shanghai Lianji and Jiangyin Jinqiao basically withdraw from the industrial silk slice market.Since 2015, Yizheng Chemical Fiber has re-entered the domestic industrial silk polyester chip market. After nearly two years of market development, by the end of 2016, the market share is about 30%, and it is mainly used in the production of high modulus and low shrinkage polyester industrial yarn.


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