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Technical requirements of silk fabric

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Technical requirements of silk fabric

1. Before fabric cutting

Due to the high shrinkage rate of silk fabric, the fabric must be pre-shrunk before cutting, otherwise, the size of the finished garment after washing will shrink and become smaller, the shape of the larger change, sometimes can not be worn again.

In daily production, the following two treatment methods are generally adopted:

1. In the mass production of large enterprises, before cutting, the fabric should be processed through the two processes of steam pre-shrinkage and drying, and then typesetting.

2. Small batch or single production.To soak the fabric in the water first, but the time should not be too long, so as to avoid the smell of the fabric match each other, generally soaked in the water for 10-20 minutes after the fish, hanging in a cool and ventilated place, natural air drying.Then, use an iron on the opposite side of the fabric.And then typesetting.When fabric of tussah silk is ironing, still should avoid spray water, lest appear water is soiled hard purify.

The temperature of these two kinds of fabrics can be controlled in 120 degrees or so when ironing, front ironing must pad cloth ironing, otherwise there will be aurora.

1. Determine the size of finished products

Because the protein fiber of silk fabric is rubbed by external force.Easy to damage. The style design is not easy to fit.In liaoning silk 2006 when the 4th period makes dress size, had better press suitable body or slightly loose size to determine, such dress is worn more comfortable, have elegant feeling again, still produce in order to prevent fabric knot silk, influence is beautiful.

2. The picture

1. Mulberry silk because of the smooth and thin fabric, before using the plate, we must first find the direction of the warp and weft, and then fix the fabric to the chopping board with clips or pins, and then according to the sample drawing board, so as to avoid the cloth surface is not straight, causing the cutting piece to tighten, deformation, affecting the modeling of clothing.

2. Tussah silk fabric is slightly thicker than mulberry silk fabric, and its smoothness is slightly worse. The fixing process before the drawing board requires simpler requirements

4.Hand sewing process

Due to the thin silk fabric, hand sewing skills are required to be very high, especially for high-grade finished clothing, such as clothing hem and cuff parts require no stitching on the back and front of the hand, which is difficult to operate.The manual sewing process on the reverse side of middle and low grade clothing is required to be a little lower.Smaller pins are allowed to be seen.

5.Processing of ironing process

The ironing process is the same as that for ordinary shirts.Ironing method, must be done in strict accordance with the previous requirements, pay attention to avoid water stains and aurora.Other manufacturing processes of silk shirts are in accordance with the requirements of ordinary shirts.Although the process of silk shirt is relatively few, but because the fabric is too thin, so the production of technical requirements are relatively high, each step must be done in strict accordance with the prescribed procedures, in order to produce high-quality high-grade products.


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