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What is the best and most appropriate sewing thread for denim?

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I believe that in the choice of clothing categories, cowboy clothing must be an indispensable fashion item on weekdays.Its shape is changeable, fabric is comfortable and durable, almost became the object that most people like, men and women, old and young all can dish.But a lot of people don't know, good jeans in addition to the fabric is very elegant, in the selection of sewing thread is also very professional, so what jean take the best and most appropriate sewing thread?Listen to me talk a little.

Generally speaking, jeans have a certain elongation, elasticity is good, then the selection of sewing thread naturally also have the corresponding matching degree, otherwise it is easy to appear quality problems: such as the line is not smooth, fracture, and so on.In order to avoid these quality problems, we should choose high-quality sewing thread. The British thread giant Coats can provide a series of products with good wear resistance and thread strength, which are very suitable for the production of jeans and can meet the strict requirements of sewing and washing process.


For example, to introduce such as coats, Dual Duty, is a high quality of the cotton core, has the characteristics of high strength and high durability, as well as the outstanding performance of wash water, can avoid jeans after washing water, a line mark napping or damaged, affect beautiful and wearing feeling, is the ideal of denim fabric production.

And Coats Eloflex, an innovative Coats product developed specifically for high-stretch denim apparel.It has good elongation, PBT (thermoplastic polyester) material, can withstand washing and bleaching, and the color fastness is high, can avoid the jeans after bleaching stitch color change, can be suitable for high elastic denim clothing sewing.

Of course, Coats also has many such sewing threads, which can meet a variety of needs in denim production.Coats has also done the most professional consideration in the choice of comfort of jeans, which can ensure that the trace of each product is embedded or flat on the surface of the fabric, and the feeling of wireless trace raised, and will never scratch the skin phenomenon.


In addition, while providing professional products, Coats will also provide technical solutions for the production of denim clothing for cooperative enterprises.Such as professional advice on bleaching and washing conditions;To improve the seam, save material oriented product recommendation;Optimize the site technical support of sewing machine setting;As well as color design requirements and tailor-made dye formula, so that each product produced by Koshi sewing thread has the best quality.

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