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What is functional textiles |?Don't make a mistake after reading it

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Functional textiles

As the name implies, the difference between the conventional ordinary textiles, is to use the new fiber, weaving, dyeing and finishing technology, etc., or integrated several new technology a new type of textile production and processing of a certain functionality, make its have originally does not have or can not meet the special effect and superior performance, its specific function to meet people on the natural, comfortable, beautiful, healthy, fashion life growing demand of textiles.


At present, the common functions of functional textiles are: moisture absorption, moisture permeability, waterproof, oil, pollution prevention, antibacterial, insect and moth prevention, wrinkle resistance, flame retardant, anti-static, anti-radiation, anti-ultraviolet and so on.In addition to the above mentioned categories, with the progress of science and technology, functional textiles also add a variety of features such as luminescence, color change, temperature regulation, self-cleaning, self-repair, intelligent sensing and so on.Some of these textiles with special functions only have a single function, and some have several functions of the superposition, making it into multi-functional or composite functional textiles.


Functional textiles according to processing methods can be divided into functional yarn, functional machine, such as fabric, functional fabric and functional nonwovens according to end USES can be divided into functional clothing, functional household textiles and three types of functional industrial textiles, according to the function type can be divided into the comfortable, health care, safety, easy maintenance and intelligent textiles.


The textile is usually given with comfortable functional characteristics, such as permeability, thermal comfort, wet comfort, anti-pruritic effect, anti-static stimulation, etc., which can make the human body have a good physiological sense of the textile.Textiles with health care functions such as antibacterial, deodorant, deodorant, mildewproof, insect-proof and far-infrared can kill or inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, molds and other microorganisms, repel or kill pests, protect and improve human health and prevent diseases;The function of safety and protection textile is beyond the function of conventional textile decoration, keeping warm against cold and providing more reliable functions, which can protect people from physical, chemical or biological factors such as flame, high temperature, ultraviolet radiation, electromagnetic radiation, noise, external force impact, and chemicals.Easy maintenance textile has anti-fouling, moth-proof, self-cleaning, wrinkle resistance and other characteristics, can reduce the maintenance frequency and time of textile in the use process, make the maintenance of textile easier;Intelligent textiles can sense environmental changes and make independent responses based on them, such as intelligent temperature regulation, shape memory, intelligent color change, electronic information and other new intelligent textiles, which promotes the development of textile products from wearing to wearing and even broader fields.


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