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Development and application of fancy yarn: colored dot yarn

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he yarn with various color points attached to the surface of the yarn is called colored dot yarn. Color dot yarn is mainly used to make knitted fabrics, cloth surface presents star dot shape, give a person with gorgeous, wonderful feeling. Color dot yarn still can evolve a filamentous color dot yarn, silk rain yarn, long grain yarn, moire yarn. In addition, colored dot yarn is also used in woolen, such as the fire in tweed (tweed), is made with colored dot yarn.

International colored dot yarn market development is relatively stable. The demand for dot yarn is greatest in the United States, and it is increasingly evident in European countries, as well as emerging markets such as Russia. Driven by European and American countries, the international market demand for colored yarn is growing.


The spinning of colored point yarn can be divided into two stages: one is the making stage of colored point yarn, the other is the spinning stage of colored point yarn. Generally, all kinds of short fibers are first made into particles, which are added in the spinning process after dyeing. Both cotton spinning equipment and carding wool spinning equipment can be rubbed to make color wool particles. For example, you can use colored staple fiber to make color particles, white particles dyed with natural staple fiber to be added in spinning, or white points mixed with staple fiber rubbing cost in yarn, single dyeing points after weaving into cloth, so that the fabric surface appears colorful color points.


Coloured dot yarn is usually spun by blending the coloured dot strips containing "coloured dots" with ordinary coloured spinning strips. There are also different technical requirements for the production of colored yarn in each process.

In the cleaning process, according to the requirements of producing particle cotton rolls, the particles made in the particle production process are mixed with normal cotton fibers in the cotton box, and the feeding quantity is controlled proportionally by the method of artificial particle feeding after the machine, so that the particles roll in the cotton box, so that the uniformity of the longitudinal distribution of the yarn meets the requirements.

In the cotton carding process, the cover plate heel and toe surface of the card that produces particle strips is reversed, and the cover plate is stopped, so that the fiber floating between the two needle surfaces has formed particles by rubbing and rolling. At the same time, the cylinder and the cover plate are enlarged, so as to increase the degree of rubbing of the fiber floating between the two needle surfaces. Remove the dust removing knife, lengthen the small leaking bottom, increase the speed of the piercing roll appropriately, so as to play the role of initial combing. Magnify cylinder and doffer separation, so that the fiber in cylinder and doffer needle surface many times back flower, many times into the work area, make particles closer.


In the coarsening process, the particle strips and the conventional strips can be fed into the first drawing machine according to the process ratio. After the two strips are combined, the particles will be evenly distributed in the strips. In these two processes, due to the large number of particles contained in the whisker, it is easy to wind the roller in the drafting process, and the roller speed can be appropriately reduced. The drawing times should be small, the roving should be small, and the roving twist coefficient should be increased to increase the binding force between the particle and the whisker. The twist coefficient is generally 15% ~ 20% higher than that of ordinary yarn.

In spinning process, due to poor fiber carding of the particles of sliver particles, the particles of the yarn spinnability and the yarn strength drop, is easy to break, so be appropriately enlarged zone draft (1.7 times), and the appropriate enlarge the roller center distance, spindle speed about 20% lower than normal yarn, yarn twist factor 5% ~ 10% more than the normal yarn, Large circular steel wire ring is selected to make the particles pass through smoothly. The above measures can reduce yarn breakage and improve production efficiency.

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