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All weavers should know the coating finish, come and have a look!

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Coating finishing is a finishing and processing technique in which one or more layers of high molecular compounds are uniformly coated on the fabric surface and thin films are formed on the fabric surface through bonding.Coating finishing can improve the feel, appearance and style of the fabric and add many new functions to the fabric.Some common coatings are arranged as follows:

PA coating,also known as AC coating, that is, acrylic coating, is the most common one of the coating, coating can enhance the feel of the product, wind, have a sense of hanging, often used for velvet, solid color sand fixation.

PU coating,namely polyurethane coating, can be divided into two kinds of water and solvent, after coating, the fabric feels plump, elastic, and the surface feels membrane.


PA white adhesive coating,that is, a layer of white acrylic resin on the surface of the fabric, can increase the coverage of the cloth, impermeable color, and make the cloth color more vivid.

PU white adhesive coating, namely, coating the fabric with a layer of white polyurethane resin, basically ACTS like PA white adhesive, but PU white adhesive coating feels fuller, the fabric is more elastic and has better fastness.


PA silver glue coating, that is, a layer of silver glue on the surface of the fabric, so that the fabric has the function of shading, radiation protection, generally used for curtains, tents, clothing.

PU silver adhesive coating,The basic function is the same as PA silver adhesive coating, but PU coated silver fabric has better elasticity and fastness.For tents and other fabrics requiring high water pressure, PU coating is better than PA coating.


Pearlescent coating,through the pearlescent coating on the surface of the fabric, can make it have a pearlescent luster, silver white and color.The coating also has PA pearlescent and PU pearlescent, the latter is more smooth and bright than the former, the film sense is better, has the good name of "pearl skin film".


Glossy coating,smooth and glossy surface, generally used for tablecloths and tablecloths.

Silicone high elastic coating,also known as paper sense coating.Used for thin cotton cloth, can make the fabric feel plump, with strong resilience, wrinkle resistance.


Skin film coating,By calendering and coating the surface of the fabric, the skin film can be formed on the surface of the fabric, completely changing the style of the fabric.Generally, the front of the garment is made of leather membrane, with the style of leather garment.Can add a variety of colors in the coating to make colorful skin film, very beautiful.


Flame retardant coating,By dipping or coating the fabric, the fabric is flame retardant and can be painted with color or silver.Generally used for curtains, tents, clothing and so on.

Teflon "three defense" treatment,The fabric is treated with dupont teflon to make it waterproof, oil-proof and stain-proof.


Uv-resistant coating,The fabric is treated with uv resistance, so that it has uv resistance.Generally light color is more difficult to do, dark color is easier to reach the standard.

Foam coating,Need a separate foaming machine to prepare paste, often used for curtain cloth, soft and thick, shading and other characteristics.


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