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The development history of imitation silk and the difference between pure silk

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Imitation silk ispolyester fiber yarn filament with special process and special finishing, which has similar appearance, luster, feel and other effects. Imitation silk is the fiber filament after alkali reduction treatment,so that the fiber is thinner and softer, to achieve the effect of silk, after finishing, the friction between the fiber and the fiber can also make the sound of silk.


Since the 1960s, with the rapid development of synthetic thefiber,the research and development of synthetic fiber imitation silk came into being. Throughout the development of polyester simulation silk, it has experienced the following five important development stages:

The First Generation (1962~1968)

Dedicated to the appearance of silk. To special-shaped cross section silk, ordinarypolyester yarn filament, strong twist and false twist processing technology and alkali reduction processing products. The product has bone and luster, a smooth feeling and good ironing and crepe resistance. 


The second generation (1969~1973)

Dedicated to the thorough pursuit of silk style. The development of cationic dyeablepolyester yarn is the main symbol of the second generation of products. It makespolyester yarn filament products closer to silk products in fiber structure and style, and develops anti-static and anti-fouling products.

The Third Generation (1973~1978)

It is committed to imitating the appearance and aesthetics of silk at a deeper level. With physical modification as the center, it has developed high compound filament, super compound filament and crosslink filament products. Fine denier and mixed fiber technology is the main symbol of the third generation products. At the same time, the development of polygonal special-section silk, dyeing and finishing technology to improve hair color, color depth and brightness. Therefore, the fabric has a real silk luster, feel soft and fluffy, not easy to pilling. 


The fourth generation (1979~1984)

Working towards the essence of silk. In this period, the development of polyester ultra-fine denier, special-shaped, mixed fiber technology and the comprehensive application of a variety of technologies to makepolyester yarn with silk like sound and luster, as well as good hygroscopicity and antifouling. 


Fifth Generation (since 1985)

Committed to the development of "super silk products". In addition to maintaining the fine style of silk, the new generation of polyester simulation silk also focuses on "super", that is, special in a certain aspect, which not only integrates the great style of silk, but also has its own characteristics.

After more than 50 years of history, imitation silk products from simple imitation of the real silk luster, organizational structure and other appearance characteristics, to imitate the real silk comfort performance, and some have even reached the "imitation of super" situation. In addition to the realization of strengths and weaknesses, some can also be based on the characteristics of chemical fiber plasticity to add more in line with the needs of human consumption of new functions, such as antibacterial, sunscreen, ceramic health care, etc.

What's the difference between imitation silk and puresilk?

1. The imitation silk is 100% chemical fiber, the imitation silk feels rough, and easy to wrinkle, light, soft, drape is also very good. The adaptability to the environment is also particularly good, not afraid of the sun exposure, at the same time, it is also very convenient, machine washing hand washing can be!

2. Thepuresilk is 100% mulberry silk, which has delicate feel, special water absorption and moisturizing properties. In addition, it is also very healthy for human skin, which is said by people's second skin!

3. The burning effect is also different. The puresilk has a rotten egg smell after burning, while the imitation silk has a faint after smell after burning, and the dust is very easy to fly in the wind!

4. imitation silk is bright, whilepuresilk is soft!


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