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The cleaning method of fox fur

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The cleaning method of fox fur

1. Conditional dry cleaning is preferred

2. Fox fur is especially easy to collect dust. Before cleaning, shake the fur to remove dust and other particles from the fur.

3. If there is dirt, cover the fur with dried oat bran or cornmeal.These substances absorb dust and dirt easily.Then the corn and bran are combed out, and a gentle shake of the coat removes dirt and grime with it.

4. Cleaner and cloth to clean stains.Dab the area with a rag, rather than rubbing, to avoid removing the hair. Leave the stain to dry.

5. If you want to wash the fox fur, please wash the dirty part of the fox fur before washing, it is better not to get the skin part.Dilute the fur softener half bottle cap and fabric softener half bottle cap with hot water and add 20-30 kg warm water to stir well, then put the processed clothes into hand wash, gently.Finally, shake dry and dehydrate.


A great way to wash your clothes

1, wash the red ink stains on the clothes: wash the new stains with cold water first, then soak with warm soap solution for a while, and then rinse with water;The old stain can be washed with detergent first, and then rub with 10% alcohol solution can be removed.

2, ink stains: can be evenly mixed with rice and detergent, smear on the stain part rub, and then rinse clean with water;Also can use the solution that an alcohol, 2 soaps make repeatedly besmear, also have good effect.

Ball-point pen oil stains: first of all, we need to see what the clothes are made of. The general practice is to put a towel below the stains, use a small bristle brush stained with alcohol and gently brush the stains to dissolve and spread, then soak the clothes in cold water, wipe with soap and gently scrub, so that two or three times, we can basically remove the ballpoint pen oil.If a small amount of residue remains after washing, it can be removed by soaking it in hot soapy water or boiling it again. This method can be used for cotton and cotton-polyester fabrics.If the wool is stained with ball-point pen oil, you can first put the stains in the mixed solution of trichloroethylene and alcohol (the ratio is two to three) for 10 minutes, while constantly brushing gently with a brush, until most of the oil is dissolved, and then clean with low temperature soapy water or neutral washing powder.

4, mildew: wipe with 2% soap and alcohol solution, then use bleach 3%-5% sodium hypochlorite or wipe with hydrogen peroxide, and then wash.

5, sweat stains: clothes stained with sweat, a long time prone to yellow spots, with sweat stains can put clothes in 5% salt water soak for 1 hour, then slowly rub clean.

The woolen sweater is polluted: dissolve the neutral soap liquid with boiling water and add a tablespoon of borax. Soak the woolen sweater in the soap solution for three or four hours when the temperature drops to 60 degrees, then gently rub and wash the sweater in 40-50 degrees warm water, and rinse it with warm water finally.If still have the pollution that is washed not clean place, usable soap liquid adds two tablespoons turpidate, move into milky shape is washed, the sweater after washing is allowed its natural dry, the iron that can be used when most dry not too very hot lies between its very hot cloth irons, add air to bask in slightly again can.

7, blood stains: newly stained blood can be soaked in cold water for a few minutes, and then washed with soap or alcohol.If so, traces of the past can be removed with lemon juice and salt water, and white radish can be wiped, but by all means do not wash with hot water.You can also use water to wash the blood stains to light brown, and then wash with glycerin soap, and finally rinse in warm water.


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