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The Application of Spandex in the Socks Industry

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1. Nylon covered spandex

At present, in the sock industry market, the wrapping yarn mainly consists of nylon wrapped with spandex. It is mainly divided into orthodox etiquette socks for men, women, and children, convenience socks, sports socks, and currently popular ultra-thin transparent socks. Among them, the largest number are modern women's stockings, pantyhose, as well as abdominal and hip lifting socks that are loved by beauty loving women, and ultra-thin transparent socks. These are all made by organically combining the good elasticity of spandex with the high strength and wear resistance of nylon to form coated yarn. The product sales and prospects are very promising, which has advantageously promoted the development of nylon coated yarn.


2.polyester covered spandex

polyester wrapped spandex socks, due to their relatively low price and durability, still have a certain market. At present, we mainly produce convenience socks with a focus on length, and the product grade is relatively low. Due to the difficulty of dyeing, the moisture absorption, breathability, and wear resistance are poor. Therefore, its products are difficult to develop. To develop, it is necessary to improve the wearability of polyester itself.

3.Cotton covered spandex

Used to make high-end cotton socks. It not only has good breathability, moisture absorption, and comfort of pure cotton fabric, but also has good elasticity. However, its development speed is not very fast due to production costs and durability constraints, and its washing and sun fastness are both poor. With the improvement and improvement of process technology, there will continue to be high-end cotton wrapped spandex socks on the market, which can continuously meet people's requirements for comfort and high-end wear.


4. Wool covered spandex

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's demands for clothing are becoming increasingly high-end. The pursuit of high-end, comfortable, and thermal insulation has become a fashion trend, providing good opportunities and conditions for the emergence and development of wool wrapped spandex covered yarn. The socks made of wool wrapped spandex wrapped yarn have excellent warmth retention, breathability, moisture absorption and drainage, and elasticity. Its products have broad development prospects.


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