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Product characteristics of polyester industrial silk

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Characteristics and classification of polyester industrial silk:

The yarn quality of polyester silk is not stable than that of rayon, but more elastic. You can cut a rayon thread to test, pull hard, and then relax, and find that the embroidery thread will not shrink; On the contrary, once the pulled polyester yarn is relaxed, it will return to the original length, which sometimes leads to wrinkles, so the online tension adjustment needs to be more accurate. Polyester products are mainly used in covering yarn, socks, yarn, gloves, carpets, curtains and other fields. 


According to product performance, polyester industrial filament is divided into three categories: high strength, low shrinkage and high mode low shrinkage.


Various categories of products are broken down as follows:

1. High-strength products are subdivided into:

-- Ultra high strength polyester industrial filament;

-- high-strength polyester industrial filament;

-- high reported medium shrinkage polyester Ding filament;

-- High strength and low shrinkage polyester filament,

2. Low shrinkage products are subdivided into.

-- Medium and low shrinkage polyester industrial filament;

-- Low shrinkage polyester industrial filament:

-- Ultra low shrinkage polyester industrial filament,

3. High mold and low shrinkage products are subdivided into;

-- High mold and low shrinkage polyester industrial filament;

-- High strength, high modulus and low shrinkage polyester industrial filament.


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