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Nylon covered spandex yarn

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nylon covered spandex yarn is an elastic yarn formed by covering spandex filaments in a spiral manner with spandex filaments as the core. Nowadays, the dominant covering yarn is mainly nylon-spandex covering, but polyester-spandex covering is also more common. Its covering effect makes up for the "low elasticity" defect of polyester elastic yarn, but its physical properties and dyeing performance are far less than that of nylon. Ammonia coated wire.


The production types of nylon-spandex covered yarn can be divided into two types: "air-covered" and "mechanical-covered." First, nylon air-covered yarn (empty-covered for short) is the process of drawing both nylon filament and spandex yarn at the same time. The model nozzles are regularly sprayed by high-compression air to form a rhythmic network of yarns. The fabric feels soft and smooth; secondly, the nylon mechanical covering yarn (referred to as the machine bag) is continuously wrapped with nylon filament It is rotated and wound on the core yarn spandex drawn at a uniform speed. The twist is twisted and the fabric style is flat and straight. The main characteristics of the nylon stretch yarn are the advantages and disadvantages of the weaving process. The wrapping machine texturing machine integrates the texturing and blanking processes, and its production capacity and efficiency are far greater than that of the "machine-packed" nylon coated yarn, and the blank yarn can be beaten on the air-jet loom without sizing (the warping needs sizing otherwise Easy to fuzz and break silk) to make the manufacturing cost lower (30% lower than the same specification products of the machine bag), which is convenient to reduce the cost of downstream weaving factories.


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