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Development status of fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent

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With the development of science and technology and the improvement of consumption level, the demand for functional textile products also shows a rising trend year by year. As we all know, some of the functions of textile products are usually realized by the fabric after functional finishing, among which the waterproof function is given by the waterproof characteristics of the fabric after finishing.


The so-called waterproof finishing, refers to the use of finishing method in the surface of the fabric to form a low surface tension structure layer, so that the surface of the fabric from hydrophilic change to hydrophobicity, but also maintain the original performance characteristics of the fabric. The waterproof fabric is favored by consumers because it does not affect wearability. The demand for waterproof functional fabrics in domestic and foreign markets increases year by year. The waterproof finishing agents selected for fabrics include waterproof and oil-proof finishing agents containing fluorocarbons structure and fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents selected by most customers.

Because there is no effective method to solve the world fluorocarbon type of waterproofing agent perfluorinated octane (PFOS) and perfluorinated sulfonyl compounds octylic acid (PFOA) may cause disease in the animal body toxic accumulation and affect the ecological environment problems, such as when the eu restrictions, countries will no longer continue to produce fluorocarbon type long chain of C8 waterproof finishing agent, Therefore, finding waterproofing products without PFOS and PFOA surfactants has become the focus of attention of additives industry and consumers.

In the late 20th century, the United States, Japan and other countries carried out in-depth research on fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent, and successively published relevant patents on fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent. From the point of view of environmental protection and safety, as long as the waterproof finishing agent without fluorocarbon resin can be called fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent. Fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents do not contain any PFOS and PFOA, will not be deposited in the body of organisms, and is easy to degrade. Therefore, with the increasingly popular concept of ecology, environmental protection and health, fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents are more easily accepted by consumers and the market as a kind of safe and environmental protection products.


At present, the fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent produced by foreign brands such as Huntsman, 3M, Nano-Tex, Rudolf and other companies has passed the strict evaluation of green and environmental protection performance, and can provide customers with their fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent for use in clothing and other textile products. At the same time to improve the brand value of terminal products to create a green ecological concept. Huntsman introduced ZELAN?, a fluorine-free, water-resistant finish made from 60% recycled plant-based materials. R3, the product has obtained the Swiss Blue standard for textile environmental protection

(Bluesign?). Certification, can provide durability waterproof effect for a variety of textile substrates; It launched another of fluorine-free waterproofing agent PHOBOL RSH can be separately applied to cellulose fiber and synthetic fiber blended fabric of waterproofing, also can use waterproof and fluorocarbon finishing agent distribution, in order to reduce the fluoride waterproof, prevent oil material content, make after finishing of textiles has excellent effect of waterproof, prevent oil, good air permeability performance at the same time, Even in the process of exercise can also keep clothes dry, does not affect the human body sweat.

Rudolph's ECO type bionic non-fresno waterproofing agent is a kind of containing no organic halide and alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether compounds (APEO) of hyperbranched tree macromolecular compounds and polymers, can be used as a high-efficiency waterproof fabrics of different types of fiber finishing agent, and its application effect and the ecological environmental protection of the products approved by many international famous brands.

The fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent X018 from American Nano-Tex company is a durable waterproof finishing agent of hydrocarbon polymer structure. It is suitable for waterproof finishing of cotton, polyester, nylon and other fabrics, and can also be used together with nT-X628 waterproof synergist containing reactive resin structure to enhance the durability of waterproof finishing of fabrics.

DAIKIN fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent adopts unique side chain fixation technology and new surface segregation technology, which makes the hydrophobic crystal chain segment gather in the outermost layer, minimizing the surface tension of waterproof fabric, and improving the washing resistance and comfort while ensuring the waterproof effect of the product.

Archroma's fluorine-free waterproof finish, Arkophob FFR PFC-free, consists of modified fatty compounds and alkane dispersions used in rain proof finishes of cellulose and synthetic fibre blends.


In recent years, many domestic auxiliary manufacturers, such as Chuanhua Chemical, Demei Chemical, Zhongfang Chemical, Deco Nano, have also launched self-developed fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent with excellent effect. It is believed that with the continuous in-depth research and development of fluorine-free waterproof finishing agent, the application effect of fluorine-free waterproof agent will continue to improve, and its market demand will continue to increase.

For more information, please pay attention to the article "Application status and Development Trend of Fluorine-free waterproof Finishing Agent", Textile Herald, No. 3, 2022.

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