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Industrial dust filter material fiber inventory

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With the progress of materials and technology and the establishment of relevant laws and regulations, the emission requirements of industrial air pollutants will be more stringent, and the emission of pollutants will continue to reduce. In the process of the treatment of industrial dust particles, industrial smoke dust filter plays a very important role.

The main raw material of bag filter material is chemical fiber. The operating conditions and working conditions of different industries and different sites are different, so the choice of fiber is different. In the early stage of bag dust removal, filter bags mainly use natural fibers as raw materials, such as cotton and wool fibers. Natural fiber filter media failed to drive the rapid development of bag dust removal, then, PET, nylon (PA) and other chemical fiber filter media have appeared.


With the use of chemical fiber in the field of bag dust removal, bag dust filter material shows a rapid growth. Industrial furnace flue gas has a high temperature, so 150℃ as the limit, the long-term use of temperature below 150℃ fiber called normal temperature or low temperature fiber, higher than 150℃ called high temperature fiber. Low temperature fiber is polypropylene (PP), PET, all polyacrylonitrile (namely acrylic, DT). The long-term service temperature of PP fiber is about 95℃, and the flue gas temperature of most dust collectors is higher than this, so the domestic research and application of PP fiber in the field of industrial flue gas dust removal is less. PET and DT fiber long-term use temperature is about 130℃, although the price of PET is lower, but its resistance to hydrolysis; In the condition of easy hydrolysis, DT fiber should be used instead of PET.


There are many kinds of high-temperature fiber, such as PPS fiber, PI fiber, interposition aramong fiber (PMIA), PODLON fiber and so on. The long-term use temperature of this kind of fiber is between 160 ~ 240 ℃. PTFE fiber because of its excellent chemical stability and high temperature (260℃) performance, is widely used in high temperature conditions, or for waste incineration, medical waste incineration, biomass power generation and other fields; P84 fiber cross section is in the shape of three lobes, with good filtration effect, its long-term service temperature is about 240℃, mostly blended with glass fiber, used in cement kilns, coal-fired boilers and other working conditions. Inorganic fiber is mainly used in high temperature bag dust removal field because of its high temperature resistance. Alkali free glass (GL) fiber is mainly used for blended weaving and needle-punched filter material, such as the production of flumys cloth bags, metas cloth bags and other products. Basalt fiber with high temperature resistance, high tensile strength and gradually appeared related filter material products. Metal fiber, ceramic fiber, etc., mostly in the form of filter tube, filter tube.


Different industries have different characteristics of flue gas. In addition to temperature difference, acid and alkali, moisture and oxygen content of flue gas also affect the selection of filter fiber. The flue gas temperature of coal-fired power plant is higher, and the content of sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide is higher, and the filter material needs to choose the fiber of temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and choose PPS fiber, PTFE/PPS fiber blend. Cement kiln head flue gas air volume, large dust content, and dust particles particle size distribution is wide, grinding and cutting strong, choose glass fiber, PET, DT fiber filter material or choose fluorus filter bag; Cement kiln tail dust content is large and dust particles particle size is small, most of the use of fluoride coated, P84 or arylamide coated filter material. Waste incineration and biomass power generation industry choose PTFE fiber coated filter material. Iron and steel industry because of its various processes, including mining, sintering, pelletizing, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling and a series of processes, according to the characteristics of each process choose different fiber filter material.

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