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Fabric is an aggregate material of fibers. When many yarns form a stable relationship, fabric is formed. It is a flat piece formed by orderly crossing, winding, connecting or disorderly gathering of fibers. Shoe fabrics include vamp cloth, inner cloth, webbing, shoelaces, car sewing, etc. Vamp are commonly used in various types of mesh cloth, canvas, nylon, etc.

Net cloth, fabric with mesh is net cloth, organic woven net cloth and knitted net cloth. Net cloth is widely used in sports shoes, especially running shoes, tennis shoes, in order to achieve the effect of light breathable, will use a large area of net cloth. Casual shoes, basketball shoes tongue and other parts will also use net cloth, increase air permeability.

Canvas, a thick cotton or hemp fabric, is so named because it was originally used for sails. Canvas is usually divided into two types: coarse canvas and fine canvas. Coarse canvas has good waterproof performance, the biggest characteristic is strong and durable. Fine canvas after dyeing or printing is widely used for the upper and inner material of sports shoes.

Nylon, nylon is a kind of polyamide fiber (nylon), is the world's first synthetic fiber. Light weight, breathable, has certain waterproof performance. Nylon is thinner and is usually used as a vamp material in conjunction with foam. Due to the small scalability of nylon, there will be a pleat effect after sewing.

The knitted vamp are woven with yarns of various colors using 3D integrated molding technology. The braided vamp feature lightness, breathability, fit and wrap your feet well. In the shoe factory production process is relatively simple, without cutting, needle and other processing process, only with the outsole can be formed.

These four types of uppers almost include all the shoes in our daily life, which can be seen in its daily routine and high practicality. So what are the raw materials that must be used to make the upper?


(75d 36f textured polyester yarn)


(polyester and latex yarn)


(70D spandex)


(polyester yarn 75)


(nylon and spandex yarn)


Because of the properties of these yarns, such as good elasticity and not easy to break, they are often used to make uppers, socks and so on

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