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Advantages of Fabric

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1.Regenerated fiber

Viscose fiber: We often say that modal is a kind of viscose fiber. Processed from natural plant fibers, it has stronger data than cotton, lower crystallinity, and won't harden like cotton after washing too much. It is also the favorite fabric for underwear.


2. Synthetic fiber

polyester: golden supporting role in blending. Smooth luster, quite broad and dense. Poor hygroscopicity, prone to static electricity, making it more stiff when added to other fabrics. Usually used to make woolen fabrics or outdoor fabrics such as tents, curtains, and curtains.

nylon: the king of sports. Compared to polyester, it is lighter, slightly better in moisture absorption, high in thermal conductivity, and less spacious. It is suitable for making waterproof and windproof fabrics as well as sports fast drying fabrics.

Acrylic: Spare tire for wool. Curly and fluffy, resembling wool, with low thermal conductivity and light texture.

Spandex: Elastic fiber invented by DuPont in the United States, commonly known as Lycra. It has appeared in sports clothing such as swimsuits, tight fitting pants, and shoe soles.


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