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What is nylon yarn?

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Nylon fabric has high strength, wear resistance, and good resilience, and can be used for various clothing materials and knitwear by pure or mixed spinning. The main varieties are nylon 6 and nylon 66, with similar physical properties, Long term exposure to sunlight can result in a decrease in fiber strength.

The defects of nylon, like polyester, are poor in moisture absorption and permeability. In a dry environment, nylon is prone to static electricity, and short fiber fabrics are also prone to pilling and pilling. The heat and light resistance of nylon are not good enough, and the ironing temperature should be roughly controlled below 140 ℃.

In addition, the shape retention of nylon is also poor, and clothes made from it are not as straight as polyester, and are prone to deformation. But it can be carried around and is a good material for making various body shaped shirts.

Application of Nylon

Nylon has a very smooth and windproof feel, and its price is several times that of polyester. Swimming suits, hiking suits, and stockings use nylon, which is commonly used for windbreaks, sportswear, or the surface fabric of down jackets. Nylon is rarely used for other purposes.

Nylon is not suitable for babies to wear close to their body. It can be stuffy, breathable, and sweat can stick to the skin, making it difficult to expel moisture.

Nylon is particularly afraid of being exposed to the sun, so the nylon rope breaks when used to air clothes.


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