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Zero-energy smart "close-fitting air conditioning", warm in winter and cool in summer clothing is no longer a dream

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Human body heat is transferred from the subcutaneous tissue to the skin, and then exchanged with the surrounding environment through clothing, so as to maintain the dynamic thermal balance of the human body. Therefore, it has become a very popular way to achieve thermal comfort management of human body through thermal management of clothing, and thermoregulation fabric emerges as The Times require. However, most of the temperature-controlled fabrics reported so far have disadvantages such as large volume, heavy weight, poor wear resistance, high cost, and inability to produce in large quantities. Moreover, passive insulation and cooling functions cannot be easily realized simultaneously


A team of researchers at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China has created a lightweight, waterproof, soft, comfortable and brightly colored intelligent fabric that can keep skin warm and cool with zero energy consumption.

Researchers with close skin of silk protein as raw material, using the frozen spinning method scientifically design and regulate the micro-nano structure of the fibers, was prepared with high internal porosity and low coefficient of thermal conductivity of microstructure fiber, through further integration in the fiber microstructure temperature phase change materials and coating PDMS coating, gives fiber strong abrasion resistance, waterproof, soft zero energy consumption characteristics of intelligent temperature control.


In addition, the excellent properties in maintaining fiber original, on the basis of the research team used original liquid coloring technology colorful microstructure fiber was prepared, and then through the microstructure fiber fabric weaving process, the fabric within - 20 ~ 90 ℃ has a good two-way heat insulation performance, and its heat insulation performance as the number of fabric layer increases.


The integrated PCM in the microstructure fiber can not only significantly reduce the fluctuation degree of surrounding temperature, but also can be recycled many times. To test the fabric's ability to regulate skin temperature, the researchers embedded it in polyester gloves. When a gloved hand is placed in a 50℃ environment, PEG absorbs heat from the environment, cooling the skin covered under the fabric. When the hand is moved to a cold environment of 10℃, PEG solidifies and releases heat, making the skin feel warm. In the alternate test of thermal environment and cold environment, the intelligent temperature-regulating fabric realized "intelligent management" of human body temperature by using unique structural design and phase change material composite without external power input.


The intelligent temperature-regulating fabric prepared by the team can meet the needs of human thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption at the same time, laying a foundation for the practical application of fiber fabric based on personal thermal management, which marks an important step forward in the development of economic and environmental wearable technology and energy-saving fabric industry.

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