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What is air covered yarn(ACY) ?

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What is ACY?
ACYis theabbreviation of air covered yarn. It consists of Spandex and DTY.

The key process is air injection.


What are the classification of ACY? What are the types?

There are two ways to produce ACY. One is using POY and spandex. After POY to DTY, it goes to ACY with spandex directly. Another one is using DTY and spandex.

And it can be divided into Nylon ACY and polyester ACY.


What’s the difference between ACY and SCY?

In fact, they are different in many aspects.

First, they are different with structure. SCY is wrapped, but ACY is parallel. The DTY and spandex are mixed ruleless. So the details of two yarns are not same and it can be differentiated obviously by eyes.

Second, the machine is not same. Different process need different equipment.

Third, the application. The application of SCY is wider than ACY. The performance of SCY is more stabilized than ACY.

Besides, the price. The price of ACY is cheaper than SCY at many times. The output of ACY is much larger than SCY.

ACY SCY different

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