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what is the Polyester industrial yarn?

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polyester industrial yarn refers to the yarn used in industry.

Polyester Industrial yarn refers to the high-strength, coarse-denier polyester industrial filament whose fineness is not less than 550 dtex. According to its properties, it can be divided into high-strength and low-extension type (ordinary standard type), high-modulus and low-shrinkage type, high-strength and low-shrinkage type, and active type. Among them, high-modulus and low-shrinkage polyester industrial yarns are gradually replacing ordinary standard polyester industrial yarns in tires and mechanical rubber products due to their excellent properties such as high breaking strength, high elastic modulus, low elongation, and good impact resistance.


and vehicle safety belts and conveyor belts; The high-strength low-shrinkage polyester industrial yarn shrinks slightly after being heated, and its fabric or woven rubber product has good dimensional stability and heat-resistant stability, can absorb impact load, and has the softness of nylon. It is mainly used for coating Fabric (advertisement light box cloth, etc.), conveyor belt weft, etc.; active polyester industrial yarn is a new type of industrial yarn, which has a good affinity with rubber and PVC, which can simplify the subsequent processing technology and greatly improve the quality of the product.


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