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What Are The Advantages Of DTY For Socks

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DTY (Draw Textured Yarn) There are the following differences between stretched deformed yarn and ordinary yarn:


1.Processing process: DTY is made by stretching deformation process. POY (Pre-oriented Yarn) pre-oriented silk is stretched and deformed to make the fibre more elastic and soft. Ordinary yarn is made through the traditional spinning process.


2.Elasticity: DTY has high elasticity, which can quickly restore its original state after stretching, so that the fabric has better elasticity and fit. The elasticity of ordinary yarn is relatively low.



3.Softness: DTY has good softness and is softer and more comfortable to the touch. The softness of ordinary yarn may be relatively poor.


4.Use: DTY is often used in the production of elastic fabrics, such as stockings, elastic underwear, sportswear, etc. Ordinary yarn is widely used in the production of various textiles, such as cotton, linen, silk, etc.


Generally speaking, DTY is different from ordinary yarn in terms of processing technology, elasticity, softness and use. DTY is suitable for fabrics that require high elasticity and softness, while ordinary yarn is suitable for general textile production.



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