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The thickness of stockings is based on the calculation unit "Denier"  or "D" of sock fiber. Each pair of stockings or pantyhose is marked with the number of "Denier" or "D" on the package. D or Denier refers to the unit of fiber size, which is called D per 9000 meters of fiber weight. The higher the "D", the higher the relative weight of the fiber, and the higher the thickness.

Ultra-thin stockings are made of core-spun silk or spandex. Generally, the stockings with thinness to super-thickness are made of spandex cotton blend, velvet silk, etc. Among the standards of silk stockings, there are ultra-thin ones ranging from 3D to 12D, generally thin ones ranging from 12D to 39D, medium-thick ones ranging from 40D to 200D, thickened ones ranging from 300D to 2000D, and those above 2200D belong to ultra-thick ones (double-layer thickening).

Nylon stockings:

High strength, good wear resistance and good elasticity.The biggest defects of early stockings are poor elasticity and low transparency.


Spandex covered yarn stockings:

Refers to the spandex cored silk formed by wrapping or winding on the Spandex Yarn with nylon yarn. In addition to the soft characteristics of nylon silk, it has the advantages of high elasticity of spandex. It has high transparency and excellent elasticity, overcoming the defects of nylon and crystal silk, and has a delicate and smooth feel.


Velvet stockings:

The raw materials are all single spandex covered yarn or double spandex covered yarn yarn. The woven stockings have high elasticity, durability and wear resistance, and are warm.It is made of high-tech ultra-fine fiber full elastic silk, which is lighter than hair, and has good air permeability. Compared with the cored wire, the transparency is slightly lower, but the elasticity is much higher, not only the handle is better, but also the thermal insulation is much higher.


Combed cotton stockings:

During the processing of cotton fiber, comber is used to comb the fiber to remove almost all impurities in the fiber. This cotton fabric will feel better.


Mercerized cotton stockings:

Refers to the mercerizing process of raw cotton fiber in a concentrated alkali solution under a certain tension condition. The cotton fiber after mercerizing has the advantages of better glossiness, more comfortable feel and relatively less wrinkling than its raw cotton fiber on the premise that other physical indicators do not change.


Crystal silk stockings:

The transparency has been greatly improved, making the color of the stockings no longer rigid, but the disadvantage of poor elasticity has not been improved, and the feel is relatively rough.



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