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In this outbreak battle, in addition to masks, protective clothing, textile materials also play what role?

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This Spring Festival, because of a sudden novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak and unusual, the latest situation of the outbreak of the virus at the moment affecting the hearts of the people. At present, the fight against the epidemic is still climbing over difficulties, but under the joint prevention and control of the people across the country, we believe that this epidemic prevention and control battle, we will surely win.


As an important pillar industry of national economy, the textile industry has undergone a long period of technological innovation and industrial transformation. Especially with the rapid development of nonwoven technology, the application fields and scope of industrial textiles have been continuously expanded, which has played an important role in the battle against the epidemic. This paper mainly from the isolation protection, personal hygiene and temporary hospital construction and other three areas of public concern to illustrate the application of industrial textiles.

1. Surgical mask

Masks are the daily necessities for medical staff to treat patients and people to go out for protection in this epidemic situation. Currently, China's medical masks are mainly divided into three types: medical masks with the highest level of protection, surgical masks commonly used in invasive operating environments such as operating rooms and disposable surgical masks of ordinary level. The materials of these surgical masks are mostly polypropylene, and the structure is generally composed of multiple layers of nonwoven materials. The most common structure is SMS structure (i.e. Spunbonded -- fusion-spunbonded). The mid-layer fusion-spunbonded nonwoven materials have a good virus filtering effect. (for more, see: science on masks)

2. Medical protective clothing

Medical protective clothing can effectively block the invasion of bacteria and viruses, and it is of great significance to protect the safety of medical staff and workers in public places. At present, most of the medical protective clothing also USES nonwoven fabric as the main raw material. The commonly used materials in the market mainly include polypropylene spunbonded fabric, spunlaced fabric compounded of polyester fiber and wood pulp, polypropylene SMS nonwoven fabric and some nonwoven composite materials. (for more information, see reference: what materials are used for medical protective clothing)

3. Medical disinfection alcohol tablets

The base material of medical disinfecting alcohol tablet is nonwoven material, the processing technology is water spines mostly, the raw material that USES can be viscose fiber, polyester fiber, polyethylene or polypropylene. After alcohol is added into the product, it has the characteristics of cleaning, antibacterial, fast absorption rate, strong liquid retention ability and high mechanical strength required by medical hygiene materials, and can be used for disinfection before injection and emergency surgery. It can also be used for cleaning and disinfecting household articles, toys, etc.


4. Sterile wipes

Disinfectant wipes have the characteristics of easy to carry and use, and can play a role of cleaning and disinfection in people's return trip protection. Disinfecting wet towel is base cloth with spunlaced nonwoven material commonly, the raw material such as appropriate adding disinfectant makes the product that has clean and disinfecting effect, have good close skin effect and disinfecting effect, can be used for the cleanness of people's hands when go out and public place armrest is wiped.


5. Geomembrane

In the construction process of vulcan mountain hospital, the impermeable layer of its foundation adopts the structure of "20cm sand cushion + polypropylene filament nonwoven geotextile + HDPE geotextile + polypropylene filament nonwoven geotextile + sand cushion", namely the structure of "two cloth and one film". It is made of the nonwoven geotextile and geotextile by the far-infrared heating of the oven on both sides of the geofilm, which are pressed together by the fluidization method or by the guide roller. Among them, nonwoven geotextile can block the sharp particles in the soil to protect the geotextile (for more information on geotextile, please refer to our special issue on industrial textiles in 2019).


In addition, in view of the geotextile in vulcan mountain and thor mountain temporary hospital construction plays an important role, this publication in February 7 in the WeChat will be dedicated to its detailed introduction, stay tuned!

(source: textile daily)

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