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What is spandex covered yarn?

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spandex covering yarn is a stretch yarn formed by wrapping spandex yarn with filament or staple yarn in spiral shape.

1, spandex mechanical covering yarn:spandex/nylon (DTY, FDY), spandex/polyester, spandex/viscose filament, spandex/gold and silver, spandex/cotton, spandex/all kinds of yarn, spandex/polyester/hot melt.

2. Spandex air-covered yarn:spandex/polyester (DTY, FDY), spandex/nylon (DTY, FDY), nylon (polyester)/conductive wire, viscose filament + nylon (polyester) DTY, spandex + filament with light.

3. Rubber thread (rubber sheath) :latex silk/nylon (DTY, FDY), latex silk/polyester (DTY, FDY), latex silk/filament, latex silk/two-color yarn, latex silk/various yarn.

4,not stretch wrap yarn:yarn class + polyester (nylon) / 1 x 2 f (double), flax + + filament DTY, viscose yarn, viscose filament/nylon stretch yarn, spandex covered yarn/TR (cotton, TC, acrylic), combed cotton, viscose, bamboo fiber, all kinds of yarn) + polyester or nylon bags, polyester dty (white color) + spandex covered yarn, viscose cotton composite wrapped the elastic yarn, fiber glass (bottle) + polyester yarn, hot melt silk + polyester + ammonia


Characteristics of spandex covered yarn

I. air-wrapped yarn(referred to as air-wrapped, abbreviated as ACY in English) is a yarn that is drawn by outboard fiber filament and spandex filament at the same time and then sprayed regularly by highly compressed air to form rhythmic network points. Its fabric feels soft and smooth;

2, mechanical wrapped yarn(referred to as machine wrap, abbreviated as SCY) is the outer fiber filament continuously rotating and winding on the core filament spandex drawn at a uniform speed, is twist and twist (abbreviated as TPM), the fabric style flat crisp is its main feature.

There are different advantages and disadvantages of empty bag and machine bag yarn weaving in the downstream mills. Warping on air-jet looms usually requires sizing, otherwise the fabric is prone to fluff and break, but the filling can be used directly. From the perspective of cost alone, the capacity of empty packaging is much higher than that of machine packaging, making the price lower than that of machine packaging, which is convenient to reduce the cost of downstream mills.

Although there is no exposed core silk, generally in addition to the twist unevenness, it is not easy to produce quality problems in spinning and weaving, but the output is low, so the price is more than RMB5000/T higher than the same specification of empty packaging, and the price of fine denier wrapped yarn is even higher than the same specification of empty packaging RMB10000/T, thus greatly increasing the cost of using the machine packaging.


Spandex coating yarn production process

The whole machine is divided into three parts: feeding spandex, stretching and winding. When working, the upper and lower two sets of hollow spindles are driven by the dragon belt and conveyed back in opposite directions. The outer covering wire on the hollow spindle is drawn out and twisted due to its rotation, and is wrapped on the spandex core wire that is worn out from the hollow spindle. The wrapping yarn is wound into parallel bobbins by the guide roller and reciprocating guide.

Spandex filament - draft - coil - parallel bobbin


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