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How are socks made?

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Cotton+polyester fiber+spandex


1. Cotton: combed cotton, plain cotton, mercerized cotton, etc

Once combed cotton undergoes special machine processing, it has one more process than ordinary cotton socks, which will give it a better feel to the touch

Mercerized cotton feels very smooth to the touch, looks very lustrous and not easy to pilling, and looks high-end at first glance

2. Spandex: it is Elastic fiber (socks can be elastic only if they have this component)

3. Nylon: commonly known as nylon (sturdy, wear-resistant, and not easy to rot)

4. Polyester: Poly fiber (ensuring elasticity and lightness)

5. Modalbelonging to the adhesive class, it feels very smooth and soft

6. Bamboo textileelements from bamboo, odor proof, breathable and antibacterial

氨纶    Multicolor elastic <a class='inkey' href='' target='_blank'>covered yarn</a> OEM Custom Dye Latex rubber Spandex rubber band Lycra (52)

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