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What kind of raw materials are made of stockings? DTY SCY RCY ACY

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Raw materials for stockings are spandex, nylon covered yarnpolyester covered yarnlatex rubber covered yarn, cotton yarn, etc.


Spandex is an elastic fiber with high elasticity and strong stretchability. It can be stretched 5-7 times longer than fibrils. The textile products with spandex can always maintain the original contour. The composition of the stockings must contain spandex to make the socks elastic and retractable, easy to wear, and make the stockings more close.


Nylon is the most wear-resistant and strongest of synthetic fibers. The weight is very light and the elasticity is good. Adding nylon to the stockings can maintain high strength and elasticity.


The combed cotton in the cotton yarn is a long and neat cotton fiber left after removing the shorter fibers of the ordinary cotton fibers by a machine called a comber. Due to the removal of short cotton fibers and other fibrous impurities, the yarn spun from the combed cotton is finer and the finished product feels smoother and more comfortable.

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