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Development and application of fancy yarn: yarn loops

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Loop yarn is a kind of Fancy Yarn, usually composed of Core yarn, decorative yarn and fixed yarn. Core yarn is the skeleton of fancy yarn and the attachment of decorative yarn. Fixation is to fasten the decorative yarn on the core yarn, so that the flower shape is fixed; Decorative yarn is the main body of fancy yarn effect. The core yarn of the loop yarn is the main part of the yarn, and the decorative yarn is the winding part of the loop yarn, which is also the embodiment of the decorative yarn. Core yarns, decorative yarns and fixed yarns can all be made from cotton and wool. Different styles of fabrics can be made from looped yarns of different materials.

The finished loop yarn has regular loop effect. The loop yarn is big or small. The large loop yarn is thicker, and the small loop yarn can be spun thinner. The linear density of loop yarn is generally between 67 and 670tex. It takes two steps to produce the loop yarn on the ring spindle fancy twister, while the loop yarn can be formed at one time on the hollow spindle fancy twister. In the production of large loops, the finishing yarn must be worsted yarn with good elasticity and even strips, and the single twist should be low.


With the development of textile technology, there are more and more kinds and colors of looped yarn, such as two-color looped yarn, three-color looped yarn, gradual looped yarn, unilateral looped yarn and so on. The variable loop yarn is also developed on the basis of the loop yarn, which is formed on the basis of the uneven and irregular loop.


p>The circular yarn has a strong three-dimensional decorative sense and good fabric warmth protection. It can be used for all kinds of knitted, woven and hand-knitted products, including clothes, hats, scarves, socks, decorations and so on. The style of loop yarn fabric can be shaped by changing yarn type, yarn material, color, yarn density and process. For example, small circles on the surface of looped yarn can be used to design fabrics with three-dimensional granular appearance; By varying the weaving parameters and combining the appropriate jacquard process, loop yarns can also be used to produce women's fabrics with a delicate and smooth feel.


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