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Development and application of fancy yarn: electromagnetic intelligent yarn

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With the development of intelligent textile, there are more and more researches on electromagnetic intelligent yarn. By positioning and wrapping some special materials on the yarn, one is solid electromagnetic components, such as resistors, electronic chips, capacitors, LED lights, light-emitting diodes, etc., electronic components can be fed through special control, and the feeding form and method is currently being studied. The other raw material is intelligent fiber with sound conduction, light conduction, heating, refrigeration, discoloration, luminescence, intelligent induction, energy storage, communication and other functions, which can be fed through the drafting roller of the spinning process; In addition, it can also be produced in the form of electromagnetic element and intelligent fiber mixed coating. The multi-motor computer control system independently developed by Xi 'an Polytechnic University can realize accurate wrapping of yarn, and finally obtain the required electromagnetic intelligent yarn.


The yarn material, wrapping position and wrapping way can be designed According to customer's requirement or fabric pattern. The fixed mode of intelligent fiber and electromagnetic component on yarn includes all wrapping, both ends wrapping, middle wrapping, etc. The specific fixed mode needs to be set according to the shape of component and product requirements. The density, length, and position of these smart fibers and electromagnetic components in the yarn can now be precisely controlled.


A new patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in 2019 sheds some light on Microsoft's smart fabric technology. The patent for the smart fabric is titled "Electronically Functional Yarn" (Electronically Functional Yarn), and discusses the distribution of Electronically Functional Yarn between Electronically Functional Yarn and non-electronically Functional Yarn. In short, Microsoft has designed a smart fabric that incorporates modern computing technology.


In addition, a foreign research team has developed sweaters and scarves made from a kind of smart yarn that can provide electricity for watches and other things. The yarn is waterproof, flexible and rechargeable, and can be cut. The nanotubes are twisted into yarn, then coated with liquid zinc to form an anode and another with magnesium oxide to form a cathode. The two pieces are then twisted into a double helix, coated with a polyacrylamide electrolyte and wrapped in silicone. The yarn has stable performance and high charging capacity. A research team in China has used a simple and primitive method to produce flexible conductive yarn combining cotton roving and carbon nanotubes (CNT). By assembling THE CNT onto cotton yarn, the CNT is coated with fibers during ring spinning, and the resulting yarn has good electrical conductivity and durability.


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