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What is the difference between POY yarn and FDY yarn?

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What is POY and FDY yarn?

POY yarn is manufactured entirely of post-consumer waste, which means it goes through a process known as "post-consumer wool recovery." This is where waste fibers from manufacturing, such as wool and cashmere, are collected and processed into new yarn goods. The advantages of utilizing POY yarn include environmental responsibility, lower cost, and enhanced quality over typical FDY yarns.


FDY yarn, on the other hand, is produced entirely of recycled fibers. This indicates that every material used in the manufacturing process, from spinning to knitting, has been recycled at least once. FDY yarn benefits from sustainable methods and higher quality than POY yarns due to increased durability and resistance to wear and tear.  On the other hand, you can select your preferred yarn and utilize it, for example nylon yarnpolyester yarnrubber yarn.


Differences between POY and FDY yarn

POY yarn is composed entirely of Peruvian wool, whereas FDY yarn is a blend of other fibers, including cotton and wool. Because of its higher price point, POY yarn is frequently considered more luxury, but FDY yarn is also popular for its high-quality construction.

Uses for POY and FDY yarn

POY yarn is produced entirely of polyester, whereas FDY yarn is a polyester/cotton hybrid. Because FDY yarn has a better strength-to-weight ratio than POY yarn, it is commonly used in garments. It is also less prone to pilling and wrinkling.

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