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What is the meaning of SIM/HIM/NIM in DTY yarn?

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DTY also known as polyester low elasticity yarn, is a finished yarn that is continuously or simultaneously stretched on a texturing machine and deformed by a twisting machine.

DTY network filament: Network filament refers to a long filament with periodic network points formed by the entanglement of single filaments in the network nozzle under the action of jet airflow. Network processing is often used for the processing of POY, FDY, and DTY. The combination of network technology and DTY technology produces low elasticity network fibers, which not only have the fluffiness and good elasticity of deformed fibers, but also have many periodicity and network points, improving the tightness of long fibers, eliminating several textile processing steps, and improving the ability of the tow to pass through water jet looms.

Generally, there are low elastic wire, medium elastic wire, high elastic wire, light mesh wire, heavy mesh wire, no mesh wire, low elastic light mesh wire, and composite wire.

Determine based on the type of network nozzle, temperature of the first and second hot boxes, and raw material.


What is the meaning of SIM/HIM/NIM in DTY yarn?

SIM/HIM/NIM have several meanings in DTY yarn.

SIM: single yarn (1 ball)
HIM: Half Yarn (3 balls)
NIM: Numerical Identification Mark


What is the difference between SIM and HIM?

SIM is an abbreviation for single-ply, hand-held Malabrigo yarn.

HIM stands for doubled ply Malabrigo yarn manufactured by machine.

NIM is an abbreviation for niddy-noddy (or exceptionally fine) Malabrigo yarn


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