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Technological innovation and development trend of denim

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Denim clothing has been popular since its birth, because of its fashion and wearing comfort and throughout the world. At present, with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, cowboy clothing made of traditional denim cloth can no longer fully meet the requirements of people. While pursuing fashion and beauty, people put forward new requirements for comfort and functionality. Therefore, the development and production of new denim has become an inevitable trend.


Stretch denim

Elastic denim is the earliest fabric used in denim clothing. Usually the more elastic the denim, the more comfortable it is to wear. But with the increase of the elasticity, the elastic recovery rate will correspondingly become worse, making the wearing pressure and binding force increase. Recently, denim production more than domestic enterprises through technical innovation to develop bale pairs of Spandex core-spun yarn denim, with this kind of core-spun yarn production of denim, elastic elongation and recovery rate than the package list of spandex core-spun yarn production denim has increased significantly, and eliminates the spandex coated defects such as broken wire, Ruth disease, significantly reducing the pressure and force binding to human body.

Functional denim

Traditional pure cotton denim function relatively single, with the constant improvement of the people to wear dress, in addition to the fashionable appearance, wearing comfortable, also requires its health, antistatic, uv and other functions, these needs is to use a single cotton raw material to produce denim is difficult to achieve, must use a variety of functional fiber composite spinning and weaving, make all kinds of fiber performance into full play, realize the complementary advantages. In recent years, domestic denim production enterprises have developed denim with various functions by using hemp fiber or bamboo pulp fiber combined with other fibers.


Lightweight denim

Light and thin denim is a new type of denim developed against the traditional thick and heavy denim, which reflects the development trend of denim clothing to some extent. The weight of the light and thin denim is between 200 ~ 300g/m2, that is, 6 ~ 8 ounces/square yard, which is about 1/2 of the weight of the heavy denim. It has the characteristics of soft, smooth and comfortable, good sweat and air permeability, etc., and has become a popular hot spot nowadays. At present, the light and thin denim has occupied a certain share in the denim market, which is one of the development trends in line with people's wearing needs.


Knitted denim and imitation knitted denim

Knitted denim and imitation knitted denim are new varieties developed in the market in recent years. Knitted denim is a denim style fabric made by knitting equipment and dyeing process. Due to its fine texture, good drapability, moisture absorption, perspiration and air permeability, shorter processing process than woven denim, stronger adaptability to raw materials, in line with the modern people's aesthetic orientation and popular trend, its production is gradually expanding. Imitation knitted denim is an innovation of woven denim fabric, which can be made to have the style and performance of knitted fabric by changing the structure of woven denim fabric.


For more information, please pay attention to the article "technical innovation and development trend of Chinese denim and denim yarn" in the 5th issue of textile daily in 2020.

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