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Technical post | want to know how to make the bamboo and grey stripes on the sportswear?Click to get more

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Once the section color bamboo section yarn appeared, was favored by many brands, especially at home and abroad first line sports brand, its products can almost see the section color bamboo section yarn figure, then how to achieve these section color effect?Take you to explore the "story" behind the slub yarn.


In ring spinning frame production, two roving with different colors are fed into the drawing area of the spinning yarn respectively, and the drawing multiples of the two roving in the drawing area of the spinning yarn are different, so that the spun yarn has the style of intermittent color.


Different from ring spinning, the method of producing segment colored yarn by air swirl spinning is to make segment colored sliver with different colors first and spin segment colored yarn directly on air swirl spinning machine.For feeding jet vortex spinning sliver is period of color style, through the drafting of vortex spinning at high magnification, stretched thin, period of coloured yarn of spinning out of state, such as linear density, uniform thickness, have stereo effect, better overcome the production period of color ring spun yarn is easy to produce the shortcomings, such as short day and long details made of air jet vortex spinning period of coloured yarn clothes look chic, accord with the requirement of fashionable clothing and individuation.At present, manufacturers basically use the above two ways to produce colored yarns. The effect of colored yarns is randomly distributed, so the patterns formed in the appearance of fabrics are not regular.In order to improve the fashion sense of fabric development, some scholars have improved the spinning method of colored slub yarn, so as to form periodic pattern effect with certain regularity.Section colored slub yarn is spun on the modified ring spinning frame, with the middle roller and the back roller driven independently. Its appearance is shown in FIG. 1, and its spinning principle is shown in FIG. 2.


The colored slub yarn is composed of base yarn and decorative yarn. The base yarn is fed continuously from the central roller and only goes through the front stretch to form the backbone of the yarn.The decorative yarn is fed from the rear roller, and the latter roller moves intermittently so that the decorative yarn is fed intermittently in the middle section of the yarn.Since the base yarn only goes through the front draft and the decorative yarn is fed intermittent, special attention should be paid to roving quantity, roving twist, ring number, feeding position of the base yarn and decorative yarn, and the use of concentrator in production practice.


Based on the experience of spinning colored slub yarns and the sample making effect of corresponding weft knitted fabrics, and a large number of pattern simulation designs, it is found that the single cycle length of colored slub yarns is closely related to the amount of yarn used in a single line of weft knitted fabrics.The pattern characteristics are determined by the relative size of the yarn cycle length and the amount of yarn used in the single loop of the fabric.Therefore, after determining the fabric width, the pattern can be controlled by changing the length of yarn cycle.It is expected that with more accurate control of the yarn, the colored yarn will be able to form richer patterns.In addition, some scholars are trying to combine digital printing technology with spinning, so as to form a pattern pattern through weaving, which is similar to the design of colored yarn with cycle section introduced above.

(source: textile herald)

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