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Introduction of cotton in Xinjiang

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As the world's largest cotton consumer and second largest cotton producer, China's cotton output in 2020/2021 is about 5.95 million tons, with a total demand of about 7.8 million tons and an annual shortfall of about 1.85 million tons.Among them, Xinjiang's cotton output is 5.2 million tons, accounting for about 87% of domestic output and 67% of domestic consumption.


Xinjiang long staple cotton, the world's top, do quilt, warm, breathable, comfortable, long supply exceeds demand.To meet domestic demand, China needs to import about 2 million tons of cotton every year. In recent years, China has actively expanded import channels to ensure the stability of the domestic cotton supply chain.China has also established a cotton reserve system to ensure that cotton farmers are safe.


The cotton-producing regions of the world are distributed between latitude 38° ~ 46° N and latitude 35° S.According to latitude, the cotton-producing regions in the world can be divided into three zones: north, middle and south.The northern belt is at 46° ~ 20° north latitude. Most of the cotton producing countries in Asia, North America and Europe are in this belt, accounting for about 80% of the world's cotton production.The middle zone is located at 20° ~ 0° north latitude. Most of the cotton producing countries in Africa and the north of South America are located in this zone, accounting for about 10% of the world cotton production.The southern belt is in latitude 0° ~ 30°, and the cotton-producing countries of South America and Oceania are in this belt, accounting for about 7% of the world cotton production.


Cotton areas in Xinjiang mainly include southern and northern Xinjiang.The area has sufficient sunshine, arid climate and scarce rainfall, which belongs to irrigated cotton.Farming system is one crop per year, cotton fields are concentrated, planting scale is high, mechanization degree is high;The level of yield per unit area is high, and the cotton output in Xinjiang accounts for about 50% of China's cotton output.Raw cotton has good color and the content of "three silk" is lower than that of other cotton areas.The cotton fiber strength of Xinjiang is lower than that of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, mainly because of low moisture regain.


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