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China Donghua University developed nanofiber membrane, waterproof breathable and heat conduction

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Yu Jianyong's team at Donghua University has developed a nanofiber membrane with excellent water and moisture permeability, as well as excellent air permeability and thermal conductivity. It consists of a unique polymer matrix fluorinated polyurethane (pu), hydrophobic and high thermal conductivity of BN nano electrostatic spinning after mixing, the researchers by controlling the BN nanotubes chip load factor and environment relative humidity (RH) received good network of BN permeable and porous structure of BN network for the membrane permeability and thermal conductivity of laid a good foundation. At the same time, the synergistic action of the hydrophobic polymer matrix and the improvement of the surface roughness of the film make the film have good water resistance and superhydrophobicity.

The specific manufacturing process of this film is to dissolve FPU and DMAc and disperse BN nanometer film to make spinning liquid at the same time, and then make FPU /BNx film from electrostatic spinning after ultrasonic treatment (x is the concentration of BN nanometer film). The concentration of FPU was 6%, the mass ratio of fluorinated polyurethane/polyurethane was 1/8, and the mass fraction of BN nanosheet was 0%, 6%, 12%, 18% and 24%, respectively.


The study was published June 19 in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.


1. Thermal conductivity test

It has been tested that the hyperplane thermal conductivity of the film is 17.9w /m · K, the horizontal thermal conductivity is 0.29w /m · K, and the high water vapor transmission (WVT) is 11.6kg/m2 · day. The difference in thermal conductivity of FPU/BN0 film, FPU/BN18-RH90 film and FPU/BN18-RH50 film can be clearly seen through modeling and calculation of maximum temperature:


2. Hydrophobicity test

The film was tested with a water contact Angle of 153° and a hydrostatic pressure of 32 kPa.

3. Air permeability test

This nanofiber membrane can not only be used in sports clothing to help the human body achieve more comfortable temperature management, but also can be used in building materials. By giving full play to its breathability, heat conduction and waterproof properties, it can reduce the total energy consumption of building space cooling, which is conducive to the sustainable development in the future.

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