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Can be washed away sanitary paper to make the toilet more sanitary

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Basically, the toilet paper after use contains a large number of bacteria, neither can be recycled, directly discarded in the waste paper basket and easy to cause bacteria breeding, bring the risk of disease, but also make the smell of the toilet worse. Wouldn't it be great if you could flush it straight down the toilet without clogging the drain?

Thus, the flushing toilet paper "came into being" ~~~

In fact, flushing toilet paper is not a new thing. It has a relatively high penetration rate in developed countries, and it is not a new product in the domestic market. However, the penetration rate in the domestic market is very low, and many consumers still think that throwing toilet paper directly into the toilet will lead to the risk of clogged drains.

Find out what kind of toilet paper is a good one.

First of all, in the practical application process, the premise of flushing toilet paper is rapid degradation. That is to say, a large number of non-degradable products should not be allowed to enter the public sewage system simply for the convenience of sanitation, which will bring operational and safety risks and even threaten the environment.


Therefore, the raw material of washable toilet paper is mainly natural or recycled cellulose fiber. Cellulose fiber is widely found in the roots, stems and leaves of natural plants. Whether from natural sources or from chemical regeneration, their macromolecular structure is basically similar, thus ensuring the degradability.


Secondly, it is the understanding of the concept of dispersible.

It can be used as toilet paper, means that it needs to meet a certain processing adaptability and use reliability, that is, it must have enough wet and dry strength, if shaking or stirring will spread out, is bound to affect the processing and use.

Then, is not to say that the drop in into the toilet flushes out scatter (if scattered into the toilet, it is likely to be the fiber with chemical adhesive bonding together, after bubble water dilution fiber dispersed, these chemical adhesive may cause pollution to the environment), but after hydraulic impact damage, it will not accumulate in one place and cause blockage.


(Note: Toilet paper in many hotel bathrooms is collapsible and no toilet paper baskets are available)

Therefore, the development of flushable toilet paper is a balance between dry and wet strength and dispersibility. How to find the best joint point is the focus of continuous research and exploration by production enterprises.

Without changing the raw materials, the sedimentation capacity and biodegradation capacity of the materials will not change fundamentally, but the dispersion of the products will change due to the fluctuation of the production process. Therefore, enterprises will focus on the test of the dispersibility when developing the dispersible sanitary materials. The common test methods of dispersibility include flask dispersion test, rotating tube dispersion test, shaking box decomposition test and magnetic stirring decomposition test.

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