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A pair of high-quality socks is made of high-quality yarns.

Not only the comfortable cotton yarn, also the covered yarn, the rubber covered yarn and the top seam.


It is only apparent to evaluate a pair of socks only by cotton. It is superficial and unprofessional. In fact, the yarn inside also plays an important pole of comfort. Besides, the elastic at ankle provide both nice experience in daily wearing. No one would like their socks will slide down when running or even walking.

It will be a nice type of elastic if using 100# or 120# rubber covered yarn on socks.

As for covered yarn inside, nylon covered yarn is absolutely better than polyester covered yarn. And it is no need to use high F for covered yarn, low F is enough.

Hand linking is the best way , it will be really smooth on your toes.


2075/36 covered yarn

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