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The Difference Between Air Covered Yarn And Spandex Covered Yarn

Time : 2024-03-02 Hits : 14

Spandex covered yarn (SCY) is better in quality than air covered yarn (ACY), and is generally used for products with strict requirements. It is formed by twisting and twisting the outer-wrapped fibers around the core-spandex stretched at a constant speed. The Air Covered Yarn is a yarn in which the outsourcing fiber filaments and spandex yarns are drafted through a certain type of nozzle at the same time, and are regularly sprayed by highly compressed air to form rhythmic network points.

Compared with Air Covered Yarn, Spandex Covered Yarn are more comprehensively covered, and there will be no wire leakage. The quality of the Air Covered Yarn is slightly worse than that of the Spandex Covered Yarn, and the price will be cheaper than the SCY.


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