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Science and technology + fashion textiles, for the Shenzhou 12 astronauts to provide security in space life

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On June 17, the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft blasted three astronauts -- Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo -- into space, officially beginning their life as the first crew members of the space station and the core module. The series of special clothes for the astronauts in the whole process of working and living in space and on the ground, as well as the shoes for the astronauts in the space station mission, all come from the research results of Donghua University.


Three "handsome men" in "space costumes"

Reproduce the starry sky

Shenzhou 12 astronauts in the 16th meeting with reporters, three astronauts dressed in Donghua University astronauts clothing research and development team developed a handsome appearance at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Tiange. Donghua university research and development design team to ensure the astronauts astronauts in space and ground work life the whole process of designing a series of special clothing, including astronauts in the space of work life exercise work clothes, suits, casual wear, weightlessness protective clothing, sleeping, etc., and secret, task, training, special costume clothing multiple types, such as work on the ground These special clothes not only ensure the implementation of a number of special functions, but also into the Chinese characteristics of the design elements, become the astronauts to appear in the world "space clothes".


The design, color, pattern and texture of the whole series of spacesuits and accessories match each other and blend with the cabin environment, reflecting the cultural elements with Chinese characteristics and the characteristics of The Times, as well as the professional characteristics and spiritual outlook of the astronaut community. The whole series of spacesuits have various functions, or can help the astronauts in a long time space flight against the adverse effects of weightlessness on human muscles, or can protect the astronauts to adjust their mood and mood, but also consider the cabin light environment for photography, video and image transmission after the display effect.


For example, in the design of astronauts' regular clothing, the color of the sky and the blue of the lake are added to symbolize the earth's skyline and the hue elements of outer space. Changes in shades and shades make the clothing look more three-dimensional and full, and have a sense of hierarchy. In the process, three-dimensional straight lines are mainly used. The S-shaped arc of the front shoulder, which is a metaphor for space flight trajectory, echoes the V-shaped straight line of the front chest, which is a symbol of victory, presenting a harmonious beauty of curves and curves.


In addition to the clothing itself, the design of some clothing items worn by the astronauts should be based on the color and modeling of the clothing system planning. Among them, the main line of the astronaut honor logo is like the trajectory of spacecraft flight in the blue universe, giving people a sense of upward flight, the number of five-pointed star indicates the number of wearer to carry out manned flight missions. The team highlights the connotation and elegant demeanor of "Flying Apsaras" with artistic design through the integrated carrier such as astronauts' special clothing.


Feet "flying clouds" roam in the nine days

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." The shoes used in the astronaut cabin should be "flexible" to protect the safety and comfort of the feet, while taking into account the fashionable design and thick culture. It is understood that the design and development of the in-room shoes integrates the disciplinary advantages of Donghua University in the fields of anthropometry, ergonomics, material science, three-dimensional modeling, rapid prototyping, product design and other fields, and has obtained the support of industry resources and related cooperative enterprises and units. It applies the advanced technology and achievement based on human engineering (ergonomics) to the maximum extent, combined with foot 3D scanning technology, foot pressure analysis, integrated weaving and other technologies, and carefully and comprehensively considers the design factors, including the special environment of the space station, the characteristics of the human body, the demand of movement and so on.


The materials used in the cabin shoes are mainly thermoplastic materials and blended knitting materials, which are soft, light, environmental friendly, antistatic, breathable and elastic, ensuring the comfort and safety of the feet of the astronauts in the spacecraft cabin and the weightless environment of the space station. At the same time, the cabin shoes are designed with a cross-size design, and the size system is designed to cover multiple male and female astronauts respectively, taking into account the changes in the shape of the sole of the foot in a variety of operating environments to match the movement characteristics of the astronauts' feet. Due to the microgravity of the cabin and the weight requirements of the spacecraft, the cabin shoes are much lighter than the ordinary shoes worn by ordinary people.

Foot modeling attempt "fish ribs" type wavy structure, to ensure the unity of flexibility and protection, in order to buffer the astronauts movement collision, foot front and rear design full, not only make wearing more comfortable, but also more three-dimensional modeling. The final color scheme is the combination of "deep space blue" and black color. Black reflects the factors of fashion and technology, and matches the blue of the cabin overalls to achieve a sense of harmony in visual collocation.


Cabin is the nods eyeball pen of shoe soles, on the basis of guarantee the functional, the entire sole of hollow out design is the result of "nine days to" change the seal character of Chinese character art design, outer ring around the Sunday "stars", the cycle, not only highlights the "nine days to dare, dare to penta-ocean catch turtles" life ambition verve of great powers, the Chinese romantic feelings and also from the page.

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