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MEY launches pyjamas designed to improve sleep quality

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Sleep is the main physiological process of the body's regulation and repair. Keeping sufficient sleep duration and good sleep quality plays an important role in disease prevention and keeping energetic.


In an effort to improve the quality of sleep for consumers, MEY, a specialist in the field of underwear and casual wear, has set new standards in terms of category, functionality and technological innovation with the launch of Zzzleepwear, a range of products that improve sleep quality.


The Zzzleepwear product range is woven in fabrics using Schoeller ® energearTM technology. The technology is based on the titanium mineral matrix, through the surface treatment of the fabric, so that it can reflect the body's own energy in the form of far infrared, which is conducive to regulate the energy balance of the body, so as to improve the quality of sleep. The coating technology was first used in pajamas by the MEY brand.


In the new Zzzleepwear product range, energearTM coating is attached to the fabric interior or surface in a honeycomb form. The fabric is made of natural cotton fiber and intelligent temperature regulating fiber, which has good air permeability. At the same time, the use of a lot of cotton fiber increases the comfort of wearing pajamas. In addition, the zzzle Wear product range features a variety of colour choices and great details, such as interior prints in the neck area of the garment.

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