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Cutting-edge application of | high-tech fiber materials in the field of medical applications

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Function of high-tech fibers in the fiber, intelligent, and some high performance fiber, has been widely used in various fields of medicine, including pharmaceutical grade carbon fibers and composites, hollow fiber membrane, nano fiber and nonwoven materials, carbon nanotubes, various functional fibers, as well as the latest series of fiber sensing probe with intelligence.


Tooth repair


In the past 10 years, non-metallic restoration-prefabricated fiber post system has been increasingly applied in clinical practice in European and American countries, and is gradually considered to be an effective alternative to the traditional metal post and core system for repairing residual roots and crowns of teeth.The results show that the carbon fiber post has better mechanical properties and its elastic modulus is similar to that of dentin, so that the stress can be distributed more evenly along the post, which is beneficial to the protection of tooth roots.At the same time, it has good biocompatibility and corrosion resistance.Easy to dismantle, easy to repair and many other advantages.

Bone repair material


About Shanghai jie jie new material co., LTD. Has developed a bone repair with continuous carbon fiber or its mat reinforced plastic, resin matrix using poly (methyl methacrylate, the mass fraction of carbon fibers and the physical and chemical test to prove its accord with national standard, also has the very good biological compatibility, long-term implantation organism of biological tissue, blood and cerebrospinal fluid, etc. No adverse reactions, no rejection, therefore suitable for fracture fixation material, fracture internal fixation or bone repair materials.

Regenerative medicine and wound healing


Nanofibers can be used as a base for bandages or artificial blood vessels, as well as barriers to prevent post-operative adhesion to wounds and mediators to control drug delivery systems.Applied to electrostatic spinning of nanofibers and regenerative medical fibres can choose has the biological adaptability and biological function of collagen, alginate, fibroin, RuanYuan nguyen, fiber, chitosan, natural polymer such as starch, can be applied to blood vessels, bone, nerve, tendon and ligament cells regeneration.

Medical AIDS



(1) X-ray, CT and b-ultrasound bed plate: carbon fiber composite material;

(2) diagnostic bed head rest: carbon fiber composite material;

(3) lightweight wheelchair and stretcher: carbon fiber composite material;

(4) drug dynamic test equipment and preventive medical components.

At the 2015 Japan medical device design and manufacturing exhibition, deren demonstrated its carbon fiber composite products in the medical field: carbon fiber scaffolds for brain surgery, made of carbon fiber and polyamideimide resin, have the least impact on X-ray penetration.

First aid and treatment supplies



(1) medical oxygen enrichment: gas separation with hollow fiber, so that the concentration of oxygen in the air by 21% to 30% ~ 40%;

(2) plasma exchange therapy: hollow fiber membrane element;

(3) ascites concentration treatment: hollow fiber dialyzer;

(4) uremia treatment: hollow fiber dialyzer;

(5) escherichia coli from the snake abdominal toxin genetic factor: electrical conductivity hollow fiber;Medical hydrogen peroxide: use hollow fiber gas separation membrane concentration hydrogen peroxide.

Hollow fiber membrane plays an important role in medical field.At present, the largest hollow fiber dialysis membrane manufacturer in the world is Fresenius medical care company in Germany, which USES hollow fiber material as polysulfone.The largest manufacturer of hollow fiber artificial lung is air products and chemicals company of the United States. Hollow fiber membrane of polysulfone, Prism, is selected.In addition, Praxair, an American company, adopts innovative membrane system and USES coated polysulfone membrane as hollow fiber material.

Surgical suture



(1) medical suture: ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber;

(2) absorbent or self-degradable sutures: poly (lactic acid) fiber, etc.

Hospital care supplies



(1) surgical cover: anti-bacterial and breathable ultra-fine fiber nonwoven;

(2) special operating clothes: ultra-fine fiber nonwoven and disposable self-degradable fiber cloth;

(3) special patient clothing: anti-bacterial deodorization fiber and one-time microbial degradation fiber;

(4) bedding: antibacterial odor fiber and microbial degradation fiber;

(5) special masks: activated carbon fiber, ultrafine fiber nonwoven fabric and felt, bamboo charcoal fiber.

Controlled drug release vector


Can achieve the most effective drug delivery effect, reduce the number of drug supply and drug supply, improve the utilization rate.For example, the anticancer drugs paclitaxel and doxorubicin embedded in nanoscale PLA fibers can improve efficacy.

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