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Development of a kind of yarn-dyed cotton fabric with high count warp - aukštyn

Laikas:2022-04-04 Hitai:

Pastaraisiais metais, fabrics with obvious texture are more and more favored by the market. Fabric texture, usually using a variety of yarns, using different organizational structure and finishing process, so that the fabric has a variety of styles of texture and texture effect. In clothing modeling, need a variety of fabric texture. Tuo pačiu metu, cotton yarn-dyed fabrics gradually to high-end, diversified direction development.

Pure cotton fold yarn-dyed fabrics with special texture effect are welcomed and loved by consumers because of their fashionable cloth style and excellent wear performance, and the market demand is large. By combining high yarn count with special texture appearance elements, a series of yarn-dyed fabrics with special texture effect can be developed.

Referring to the Japanese fashion master Issey Miyake's design concept of pleated aesthetic feeling, integrating different leisure elements, further research and development on the basis of pure cotton yarn-dyed willow crepe, and finally successfully developed a series of products of high-count warp-up, light and comfortable pure cotton yarn-dyed pleated fabric. The high-count warp warp fabric is one of the new members of the fold textile fabric family. It draws on the georgette production principle of silk fabric and adopts the warp yarn with ordinary twist and the weft with strong twist. Before weaving, the strong twist yarn should be properly set to make it temporarily stable. After weaving, fabric finishing machining process in all the loose type, temporarily setting high twist yarn has a tendency to twist a distorted settlement, to restore its elasticity contraction, but by other yarn in the fabric of friction, high twist yarn twist and bend, not free solution and thus cause strong twisting weft present an outline of irregular twisting and bending condition, and drives the warp bump ups and downs together, Make cloth surface produces drape effect thereby.

The fabric is light, soft and comfortable, which greatly enriches the product category and improves the product quality. Be to, the fabric pattern is beautiful and novel, which is the first choice of spring and summer leisure fashion women's fabrics. Tuo pačiu metu, the fabric design takes into account the beauty of the product and the stability of the actual production of reproducibility, in order to ensure the appearance of the product wrinkles at the same time to meet the internal quality indicators such as breaking strength, tearing strength, thread slip, washing shrinkage.

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