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Why the spandex covered yarn acy good for socks?

November 07,2023

Stretch and Comfort

Spandex, also known as elastane, is a highly elastic fiber that can be stretched significantly without losing its shape. When spandex is used to cover other yarns (like cotton or wool) in sock production, it provides excellent stretch and comfort, allowing the socks to conform to the shape of your feet and stay in place without sagging or bunching.


spandex covered yarn acy is more durable than regular elastic threads. It can withstand repeated stretching and washing without losing its elasticity, making socks made with this yarn last longer.



Spandex covered yarn acy can be combined with natural fibers like cotton or wool, allowing for good breathability. This helps regulate moisture and temperature, reducing the risk of discomfort or odor.


Spandex covered yarn acy can be used to create compression socks, which are designed to improve blood circulation and reduce leg fatigue. The elasticity of spandex in these socks provides gentle pressure to the legs, which can be beneficial for various purposes, including athletic performance and medical conditions.



Spandex covered yarn acy can be customized to provide different levels of compression and support, allowing for a snug and comfortable fit that suits different sock styles and user preferences.

Overall, spandex covered yarn acy is an excellent choice for socks because it combines elasticity, durability, and comfort, making it a popular material for various types of socks, including athletic, dress, and everyday wear.

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