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Why is METALLIC YARN so popular?

July 17,2023

Fabric plus gold, in China has a long history, the traditional filigree is the use of expensive gold and silver hand-made thin foil, and then paper or animal skin as a backing, cut into a piece of silk that is a piece of gold and silver thread, or the piece of gold and silver thread wrapped around a core wire that is a round gold and silver thread.

These gold and silver threads are widely used in some high-grade traditional fabrics, and accompanied by a variety of precious threads, so that the style of the fabric is extremely gorgeous and noble, just like a fine art, such as the famous Chinese cloud brocade and Japan Nishijin fabric.


With the development of the process, modern filigree is a chemical fiber thin film with gold and silver luster, which is mainly named filigree because of the two kinds of gold and silver. By adding filigree to the textile, the fabric can be made with reflective, flash, fluorescent, luminous and other color effects and gorgeous luster.

Gold and silver wire (silk) series products are made of polyester film and then vacuum aluminized, coated with color and other processes to obtain soft texture. Gorgeous gold and silver thread (filigree), covering M type,MH type,MX type,MS type (computer embroidery thread) series. Widely used in the manufacture of trademarks, wool yarn, knitted fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, ribbons, woven fabrics, embroidery, hosiery, accessories, crafts, Christmas supplies, fashion, decorative fabrics, ties, gift packaging and so on.

Gold and silver wire is filigree + polyester or rayon twisted into a filament! Mainly used for computer embroidery and process accessories! Widely used in crafts, fashion, embroidery, gift packaging and other industries and knitting wool, yarn, knitted fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, clothing accessories, decorative cloth, sand release and other products processing, is the ideal lining raw materials. The cloth and clothing woven by the processing show a sense of elegance, nobility and gorgeousness. However, because the gold and silver thread is physically processed by vacuum aluminum plating or vacuum silver plating on the polyester film and then colored. Therefore, the chemical properties of gold and silver thread are unstable and can not be used like ordinary textile fibers. Aluminum film in gold and silver wire is not alkali resistant; Silver film is not acid resistant, silver film contact sulfide will be black, stretching or heavy friction will cause the metal coating to peel off.



1. Fineness

Like precision yarn weaving, fine grain design,

2. Luster

The unique luster of the material can present the ultimate sense of quality and give the product a rich visual effect.

3. Comfortable and skin-friendly

Soft feel, the enjoyment of cotton and hemp texture fabric, taking into account the needs of shape and comfort.

4. Complete features

Professionally designed, with specific performance, can meet the special requirements of outdoor use, even in the high sun Marine environment will not appear discoloration or peeling phenomenon.

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