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What is the difference in use between FDY and DTY in China

November 07,2022

FDY is short for fully drawn yarn.  The Chinese name is fully drawn yarn,  which is a processing mode of the back channel of spinning.

DTY is short for Drawn-texturing yarn in Chinese.


The difference between DTY and FDY is that there is a false twist process.

The so-called false twist is in the back processing, the silk is twisted in a certain direction, winding up the silk is still straight. But when it's relaxed, it shrinks and fluffs up. When FDY is relaxed, it doesn't contract.

The detailed difference between DTY and FDY is that the different drafting speed of fiber bunching leads to the difference in the process.
Here, there is also a kind of POY, and DTY is a kind of deformed silk of POY. After the POY passes through an overfeeding high temperature equipment, more curly DTY is produced, so the DTY fabric will be softer and fluffier.

So to put it simply, the difference between FDY and DTY in the textile industry is

DTY: stretch deformed silk, the fiber is rolled.
FDY:  Fully stretched silk. The fibers are straight.
POY: DTY is a deformed filament belonging to POY.


DTY is made of polyester slice as raw material by high speed spinning of dacron preoriented wire, and then by drawing and false twisting processing. It has the characteristics of short process, high efficiency and good quality. Polyester stretch yarn bulk high sex good, comfortable, soft luster, insulating, stays with general polyester fiber fracture strength and high modulus of elasticity, excellent heat styling, good resilience can, heat resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance is strong, washable quick-drying, etc, is an ideal raw material, knitting, weaving processing is suitable for making fabric, bedding, and decoration articles, etc.

FDY is mostly used in silk and other fabrics, feel smooth and soft, DTY low elastic silk and DTY network silk are often used in sports fabrics. FDY is mainly used in clothing and textile industry; DTY is an ideal raw material for knitting (weft knitting, warp knitting) or machine weaving. It is suitable for the production of clothing fabrics (such as suits, shirts), bedding (such as quilt, bedspread, mosquito net) and decorative items (such as curtain fabric, sand cloth, wall cloth, automobile interior decoration cloth). The fine denier silk (especially the three-leaf special-shaped silk) is more suitable for Imitation silk fabric, thick denier silk can do wool-like fabric.3


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