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What is the application of covering yarn in socks?

April 19,2023

Spandex covered yarn can be divided into mechanical covered yarn and ACY air covered yarn according to different equipment.

Characteristics of spandex covering yarn

1. ACY air covered yarn (acy for short) is a yarn that draws outsource fiber filament and spandex filament through a certain type of nozzle at the same time and forms rhythmical network points through regular injection pressure of highly compressed air. Its fabric feels soft and smooth;

2. Mechanical covered yarn (machine wrap for short, scy for short) is the outsourcing fiber filament constantly rotating and winding on the core silk spandex which is drawn at a uniform speed. It has twist (tpm for short) after twisting, and the fabric style is smooth and crisp.


Both empty and machine - wrapped yarns have advantages and disadvantages in downstream weaving mills. When the empty bag is warping on the air-jet loom, it usually needs to be starched, otherwise the fabric is easy to rise and break, etc., but it can be used directly by beating the weft. From the perspective of cost alone, the production capacity of empty contract is much higher than that of machine contract, which makes the price lower than machine contract, which is convenient to reduce the cost of downstream textile factories.

Although the machine bale does not expose the core silk, generally in addition to the twist is not uniform, it is not easy to produce quality problems in spinning and weaving, but the yield is low, so the price is higher than the empty bale of the same specification rmb5000/t, the price of fine denier coated yarn is even higher than the empty bale of the same specification rmb10000/t, so it greatly increases the cost of using the machine bale.


Application of spandex covering yarn in socks
Veil thread (cotton) + bottom yarn (spandex covered silk) + rib (elastic covered silk)
Bottom yarn types include nylon covered yarn and polyester covered yarn

There are also many specifications of machine covered yarn:
Spandex polyester covered yarn: 1555/36 2055/36 4055/36 2045/24 2045/36 2075/36 3075/72 4075/36 7075/72 3068/72 40150/96 70150/144 70180/144

Spandex Nylon covered Yarn: 2030/12 3030/24 7030/24 2040/12 3040/24 2050/24 2070/24 3070/48 4070/68 7070/24 10070/48 3050/24 4050/48 7050/24

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