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What is polyester monofilament yarn?

May 04,2023

polyester monofilament yarn has high strength, good elasticity, good wear resistance, good light resistance, poor moisture absorption and poor dyeing. Polyester monofilament yarn must be dried for 4 hours in the processing of raw materials, forming a cooling pool water temperature of 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. Polyester is harder than nylon, but not as tough as nylon.

There are many types of polyester monofilament yarn, including flame retardant monofilament, triangle shaped monofilament, flat monofilament, high shrinkage monofilament, hollow monofilament, cationic monofilament, full extinction monofilament, UV protection PET monofilament and so on.


Polyester monofilament yarn can be divided into two categories according to its uses:

Industrial and folk. In industry, it is mainly used in the framework of industrial conveyor belt, woven filter net, Meiji mesh cloth, rubber line external casing and so on. It is mainly used for matching bags, bags, webbing, zippers, straw hats, curtains, wedding dresses and so on.

Polyester monofilament yarn can be divided into 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D...... 2500D and other different specifications of products, 30D polyester monofilament yarn is a kind of high value-added special fiber new products, high environmental performance, is the production of shoes, luggage and stage clothing basic raw materials, market prospects are very broad.

How to identify polyester filament: close to the flame softening, melting and shrinking. It melts in a flame and burns slowly with a yellow flame, with blue edges and black smoke rising from the top. To continue burning and sometimes stop burning to die. Burning odor: slightly aromatic or sweet. Residual characteristics: hard and black beads, not easy to crush with fingers!

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