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What is polyester aty yarn?

April 24,2023

polyester air textured yarn is invented by DuPont. The principle is to use compressed air as power to make chemical fiber filament in the nozzle to make a series of physical changes such as opening, displacement, entangling and forming ring knot, so as to obtain deformed yarn with great differences in structure and performance from the original silk.

Its feature is that the surface of the yarn is distributed with a number of different shapes and sizes of silk loops, which is similar to the hair of staple yarn; The yarn body is a complex hybrid structure composed of multiple monofilament intertwining, twisting and knotting.


These characteristics determine that it has the excellent performance of imitation yarn and wool-like yarn.

The deformed yarn processed has the performance of both FILAMENT YARN and staple yarn, with strong wool feeling, good hand feeling and better covering than staple yarn.


The surface coil shape of polyester aty yarn determines its appearance, feel and fluffiness, while the core yarn structure of polyester aty yarn determines most of its physical properties. polyester aty yarn yarn body structure is quite complex, mainly composed of parallel yarn (similar to untwisted silk), twist, network, similar ply yarn and other areas. Among them, the intertwining and twisting carry through the whole yarn core, some single filament and bundle intertwine, some bundle and bundle intertwine, several forms appear alternately and mixed, forming a complex yarn core structure. The yarn body structure of polyester aty yarn generally changes with different processing conditions. Even under the same conditions, the frequency and form of several deformations have no obvious rules. This is because, in the process of air deformation processing, the air jet field, which is the driving force of filament deformation, is an irregular eddy current field with rapidly changing energy distribution, thus driving the filament to move irregularly. This is one of the main reasons for the poor reproducibility of polyester aty yarn structures and properties.


Application is suitable for woven, knitted, using air deformation technology, can be made into medium, fine size of single silk or double silk, or core-like wool, like hemp, like cotton, called imitation yarn deformation silk, can also be processed for carpet, sand release, tapestry use of coarse size yarn.

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