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What is nylon monofilament used for?

May 15,2023

monofilament is a small number of single filament made by single hole spinneret in chemical fiber production.

Its fineness is thicker than that of single filament in complex filament. After melting, the synthetic resin passes through the small stream of stock liquid pressed out in the capillary hole of the spinneret and is condensed. Or a multi-hole spinneret (up to 50 holes, for example) is used to spin yarn, and then stretched and spun into a monofilament bobbin without twist.

200~300 special (2~3 British branches) thick synthetic fiber monofilament can be used for fishing net line and rope, etc. Slightly thinner monofilament can be used as artificial bristle silk. The finer monofilaments are generally 1~1.3 special (450~600 British), sometimes as fine as 0.6 special (1000 British), can be processed into tensile silk, used for the production of elastic socks, silk stockings and other textiles and other high-grade knitwear. The textile made of monofilament has thin quality, transparency and good hand feel

nylon monofilament yarn can be used for decoration belt, ribbon and all kinds of industrial line, fishing line, tire line and adhesive buckle belt monofilament. Ribbons, webbing and all kinds of industrial thread, fishing thread, tire thread and adhesive belt monofilament.

Size: from 0.10mm to 3.00mm in diameter; Complete specifications.


Nylon monofilament yarn application scope: weaving fishing net. Fishing for sharks; Fishing squid. Fishing belt fish, etc.; String mat, can string racket; Brush roller. Hair brush. Eyebrow brush; Mowing line on the irrigator, mowing line on the mower; To make the inner thread of the glasses frame 8 font. Make fittings for the conveyor belt. Accessories on electrical appliances; There are extenders on the textile machine. Lead the silk thread.

Nylon monofilament yarn: silk toughness is good, not easy to break, so it is used as decorative belt, ribbon and a variety of industrial lines, fishing lines, adhesive belt monofilament and tire line.

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